Deadpool 3 Rumor May Have Spoiled The Return Of A Key MCU Character

The film is almost here and will be released on July 26

Deadpool and Wolverine

Warning: the following may contain spoilers

Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige and Deadpool and Wolverine director Shawn Levy appeared at last week’s CinemaCon to hype up the film and the duo even addressed “the endless stream of rumors.”

“Yeah, I heard rumors that maybe there was going to be another trailer, by the way thank you internet for the endless stream of rumors, they are literally entertaining every day,” Levy said.

Levy added: “There are so many spoilers, and I live in constant fear of Ryan assassination attempt because I got a big mouth and I don’t want to blow it in this room today.”

Speaking of entertaining rumors, the latest one comes from Twitter scooper CanWeGetSomeToast, who leaked that a veteran MCU character from the Iron Man series is making a comeback.

Happy Hogan to Return in Deadpool 3

The current rumor is that Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan will make an appearance in Deadpool and Wolverine. If the rumor is to be believed we suspect the Merc with a mouth will clearly crack a joke at Happy Hogan’s expense.

For those that have been living under a rock and don’t know who Happy Hogan is, here is the background. Jon Favreau has been a staple of the MCU since its inception, portraying the role of Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s chauffeur and personal bodyguard. Jon Favreau first brought Happy Hogan to life in 2008’s Iron Man, which kicked off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Happy Hogan quickly became a recurring character, appearing in 2010’s Iron Man 2 followed by 2013’s Iron Man 3 as Tony Stark’s trusted ally and Head of Security for Stark Industries. Jon Favreau reprised the role in the 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, acting as the MCU connection to Peter Parker and as a mentor to the young avenger.

Jon Favreau continued his tenure as Happy Hogan in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, where he was seen mourning Iron Man’s sacrifice, then in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, once again serving as a link between Peter and the legacy of Tony Stark.

If the current rumor is to be believed, then we should be seeing Happy Hogan on the big screen again when Deadpool and Wolverine is released on July 26.

Rick Lemoine

Rick Lemoine

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