‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Funko Pop Listing Confirms New Marvel Variant

Another variant is in the house!

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Deadpool and Wolverine just keeps getting packed with more cameos! A new listing for Funko Pops seems to confirm a new Marvel variant for the upcoming movie.

For as many issues as people have with the MCU’s multiverse, the one thing most fans can agree on is loving the concept of variants. These are new versions of iconic Marvel characters played by new actors. Some famous examples of this include Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki and Dogpool in Deadpool and Wolverine.

However, it seems Deadpool and Wolverine isn’t just stopping at canine copies of famous Marvel heroes. A new report about a leaked Funko Pop listing reveals that Lady Deadpool will be appearing in the upcoming MCU film. This would confirm the entirety of the iconic Deadpool Corp from the comics after recent merch revealed that the other members of the team would also be appearing in the film.

Who Could Play Lady Deadpool In ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’?

Speculation about who could play Lady Deadpool has been circulating even before the first trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine dropped. The character has been heavily rumored to appear in the film for months. In addition, many famous actresses such as Bella Thorne have expressed interest in playing the role in the MCU.

Another pop culture icon heavily speculated to play Lady Deadpool in Deadpool and Wolverine is Taylor Swift. The artist is a huge Deadpool fan, even dressing up as the character for Halloween. However, another rumor suggests she’ll be playing a different variant of an iconic X-Men character, likely meaning the role will go to someone else.

Deadpool and Wolverine is currently expected to hit theaters on July 26, 2024. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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