Marvel Rumor Teases Iconic ‘X-Men’ Villain For MCU Reboot Movie

The X-Men get retro!

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The X-Men are finally set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A new rumor suggests Marvel is set to use one of the franchise’s most iconic villains for their first big-screen adventure in the MCU.

Marvel is preparing to go all in on mutants. A previous rumor revealed that multiple X-Men-focused projects are in development for the next phase of the MCU, with the Avengers taking a back seat. It seems the flagship X-Men reboot has found its villain, with scooper DanielRPK revealing Mister Sinister will be the film’s main antagonist.

Mister Sinister is perhaps the biggest X-Men villain that’s never been put into film. It makes perfect sense for the MCU to make him the villain of its reboot. This is especially true if Marvel wants to move away from villains like Magneto, who have held starring roles in almost every X-Men film up to this point.

Mister Sinister’s History With X-Men Films

The folks at Marvel Studios are far from the only people to get the idea to bring Mister Sinister to the big screen. Prior to Disney buying 20th Century Fox and giving the property to the MCU for a reboot, Mister Sinister was planned to take center stage in the next phase of their X-Men universe.

Mister Sinister was also teased in their X-Men spin-offs. The villain was originally set to have a large role in The New Mutants, though plans for anything beyond a single film were scrapped following a long and arduous development. Mister Sinister was also set to appear in the canceled Gambit spin-off.

Luckily for X-Men fans, Mister Sinister has had a long history of appearing in animated shows. The villain is actually set to make his Marvel Studios debut with X-Men ’97, which many speculate to be a way to introduce casual fans to the character before the MCU brings him to the silver screen.

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