‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Promo Art Reveals Full Deadpool Corps Lineup

Welcome to the Deadpool Corps!

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The Deadpool Corps are officially coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! A new set of promo art for Deadpool and Wolverine shows off Marvel’s newest super team.

Deadpool and Wolverine is officially set to bring two of Marvel’s biggest stars — Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds — back together on the big screen. However, they may not be the only heroes set to save the day. Fresh artwork for the film offers fans their best look yet at the Deadpool Corps!

Most of this lineup in Deadpool and Wolverine should look familiar to comic book fans. While Dogpool has already been confirmed for the film through set photos, this is the clearest promo art available of Deadpool Corps mainstays Headpool and Kidpool. There also seems to be an infant member joining the MCU’s version of the team which fans across social media have dubbed “Babypool.”

The Missing Deadpool Corps Member

These pieces of promo art are a gift to fans who have been begging for the Deadpool Corps to appear on the silver screen for years. However, it may also disappoint some fans of the team’s comic counterpart. The MCU’s incarnation of the group seems to be missing one of its most iconic members in Lady Deadpool.

Fans have been speculating that Lady Deadpool would appear in Deadpool and Wolverine ever since the first trailer dropped, with her iconic uzis being seen in a close-up shot. Her lack of appearance in Deadpool Corps promo art could mean one of two things. One: if she is in the film, it’ll be in an antagonistic role. Two: She’s played by an actress so exciting that Marvel had to hide them from all promotional material. Given rumors that Taylor Swift is in the project in a mystery role, Marvel fans are crossing their fingers for the latter!

Deadpool and Wolverine is currently expected to release July 26, 2024. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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