Detective Pikachu TV Spot Features Johto Journey Reference

Pokemon Detective Pikachu La Llorona

The NFC Championships came and went the other day, and with them came a new TV promo for the highly anticipated Pokemon film Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. While we definitely saw some scenes from the previous trailer (Charizard breathing fire, Tim trying and failing to see if anyone besides him can understand Pikachu), we also got some new footage, from a new scene with Pikachu and Tim, as well as new shots of Pokemon we saw previously, like Psyduck and Mr. Mime. But a big highlight of the promo was the first look at a Pokemon we hadn’t seen yet, the bulldog-like Pokemon Snubbull.

While Snubbull’s design is honoring the look from the games and anime, it also has more animalistic features like fur and a more detailed muzzle. But what’s interesting is that Snubbull is sitting next to Detective Yoshida (Ken Watanabe), and this could play into a trait from the original series, in that Snubbulls were primarily used as Pokemon in the police force. Take a look below:

When the series was focusing on the Kanto region, it featured Growlith, another dog-like Pokemon, as those associated with the police. When Johto became the focus later on, Snubbull was introduced as that region’s police associated Pokemon. It’s good to know at least that the world of this film honors the world of the games and series, and this Snubbull appearance was a nice touch.

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Here is a synopsis for the upcoming film:

A young man joins forces with Detective Pikachu to unravel the mystery behind his father’s disappearance. Chasing clues through the streets of Ryme City, the dynamic duo soon discover a devious plot that poses a threat to the Pokémon universe.

Directed by Rob Letterman, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Paul Kitson, Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe, Karan Soni, Bill Nighy, Suki Waterhouse, Chris Geere, Rita Ora, and Omar Chaparro.

Be sure to catch ’em all when the Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Detective Pikachu and the future of the Pokemon franchise as we learn it.