Disney CEO Bob Iger Refutes Marvel Fatigue Narrative

Are Marvel movies dying?

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Is Marvel actually dealing with superhero fatigue? Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed why he thinks the franchise is doing better than many fans may think.

The idea of superhero fatigue is one that’s been enormously popular over the past few years. It seems every pundit and outlet trying to get a few clicks is jumping to post something about Marvel being dead. However, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger doesn’t think the equation is quite so simple, saying that audiences will find their way to great films wherever they are.

“A lot of people think it’s audience fatigue, it’s not audience fatigue. They want great films.” Iger told The Hollywood Reporter, “And if you build it great, they will come and there are countless examples of that. Some are ours and some are others’. Oppenheimer is a perfect example of that. Just a fantastic film.”

“Focus is really important. We reduced the output of Marvel, both number of films they make and the number of TV shows, and that really becomes critical, but I feel good about the team. I feel good about the IP we’re making. I talked about a lot of the projects. We look years ahead, really. And it’s iterative.”

“Not only do you look at the films you’re making, you you look at every part of that process, who the directors are, who’s being cast, reading scripts, I personally watch films three to five times with the team and just create a culture of excellence and respect, which is really important with the creative community. And again, the track record speaks for itself.”

Is the problem superhero fatigue or something else?

It’s important to note that these past few years have been rough for Hollywood in general, not just Marvel. The industry just came off a historic strike that prevented stars from promoting their films. While many online may claim to not be affected by promotion like that, there’s no denying it helps get audiences in seats, and the films released during this publicity drought prove as much.

Before that, Hollywood was at the whims of yet another historical event: the pandemic. This hurt the numbers of every big-budget blockbuster as studios like Disney were incentivized to shove projects onto streaming services as fast as possible. Even The Suicide Squad, created by the person now running DC Studios, was a box office flop.

The pandemic didn’t stop affecting movies once theaters opened back up, however. Disney’s insistence on Marvel’s schedule caused production chaos on sets like Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Love & Thunder as they tried to meet their deadlines despite filming protocols.

None of this is meant to excuse the mediocre quality of a lot of Marvel projects in recent years (even if most fans disagree with where they draw the line in terms of that quality). It’s more to show that the brand is going through an unparalleled time of turmoil that it’s only just now able to recover from. Let’s just hope Disney takes the right lessons in quality and doesn’t snap the clock back to more formulaic and less diverse movies.

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