Doomsday Clock #7 Review: Doctor Manhattan’s Grand Return

Doomsday Clock 7 Doctor Manhattan

Boy, those delays are absolutely killer. Having to wait months for a new installment in a story this engaging and brilliant is absolute torture. So, how is it that each and every issue of Doomsday Clock is an absolute pleasure to read? Well, the obvious answer is the stellar creative team. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are absolutely bringing it with each installment and this month’s book is no exception.

So, it finally happened. Doctor Manhattan is back and Johns’ characterization of the god-like being is perfectly in line with Moore’s work. This issue seems to mark a turning point in the story, where Manhattan will be at the forefront. His reveal has been teased for years now and these scenes are absolutely worth the wait.

Speaking of “worth the wait,” we get some great Joker action here. As always, Johns’ Joker is a blast to read. Still, his inclusion here seems a bit inconsequential. The use of Joker in Doomsday Clock seems to be more for the purpose of fan service than plot, but it’s not distracting enough to cause any problems for the narrative.

It’s almost impossible to discuss this issue without spoiling the events, but let’s just say that things explode. Every issue, every character, every subplot is addressed and hashed out by the end of the book. We are still nowhere near the conclusion, but this midpoint finale is palpably satisfying. Who knows when we will get the next issue, but whenever it releases, be sure you’re there to pick it up, especially after that crazy tease in the final panels. This is exactly the kind of book that can create comic fans. With or without a love for Watchmen and the DC Universe, this book is a masterpiece that should hold the attention of even the pickiest reader.

Final Score: 9/10