Elijah Wood Is Completely Unrecognizable In First ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Photos

The Toxic Avenger returns!

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The first photos from the The Toxic Avenger reboot have been released. One of them offers fans their first look at Elijah Wood, who’s nearly unrecognizable as Fritz Garbinger.

The Toxic Avenger was a true cult classic from the 80s, a time when the biggest superheroes could just be piles of nuclear waste. The franchise is being rebooted for a new era later this year, with Elijah Wood playing the villainous Fritz Garbinger opposite Peter Dinklage, who stars as the titular hero Winston Gooze. The first photo of Wood as Garbinger leaves him completely unrecognizable, looking like a mix of Danny Devito’s Penguin and Andy Serkis’ Gollum:

Elijah Wood’s Fritz Garbinger serves as a departure from the relatively grounded villain of Mayor Belgoody in the original The Toxic Avenger. Instead of a crime boss masquerading as mayor, Peter Dinklage’s Winston Gooze will be facing off against an openly corrupt businessman who hires professional assassins to kill the avenger. It certainly seems as though fans of The Toxic Avenger have one wild ride to look forward to.

The Toxic Avenger Smells Trouble!

More than three decades after it first debuted, The Toxic Avenger is set to return to the silver screen after its feature film rights have been acquired by Legendary Films. The franchise follows a scrawny janitor who comes into contact with toxic waste, mutating him into a repulsive creature with enhanced size and strength.

The team responsible for The Toxic Avenger’s return will be Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Troma Entertainment serving as producers. Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter oversee the project for Legendary Films.

The Toxic Avenger stars Peter Dinklage as Winston Gooze across from Elijah Wood as the villain Fritz Garbinger. The film also features Jacob Tremblay, Macon Blair, Kevin Bacon, Jane Levy, and Taylor Paige.

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