‘Eyes Of Wakanda’: ‘Black Panther’ Animated Series Gets An Official Synopsis

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Black Panther What If... season 2 eyes of wakanda animated series

It was recently revealed that Black Panther would be getting an animated series on Disney Plus. The synopsis for the series, titled Eyes of Wakanda, reveals a much grander scope than many fans initially expected.

Many fans were shocked by the recent announcement of a Black Panther animated series being in the works at Disney Plus, especially given the fact it’s currently expected to premiere in 2024. While details about the project remain sparse, the synopsis for Eyes of Wakanda teases a journey through time:

“Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts. This is their story.”

It seems as though Eyes of Wakanda will be following different Black Panther characters throughout history in their quest to return Vibranium to Wakanda. This synopsis puts the animated project in the same vein as What If…? in being an anthology series. With how beautiful the Black Panther films are, it’s certain this spin-off will also be a feast for the eyes.

What to expect from Marvel’s What If…? Season 2

The December release strategy for What If…? Season 2 is a novel approach by Marvel Studios, turning the series into a holiday event for Disney Plus subscribers. This method of releasing one episode per day over nine days aligns with the festive season, providing viewers with daily doses of Marvel’s imaginative storytelling.

“Season two of ‘What If…?’ continues the journey as The Watcher guides viewers through the vast multiverse, introducing brand new and familiar faces throughout the MCU,” according to an official synopsis. “The series questions, revisits and twists classic Marvel Cinematic moments with an incredible voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their iconic roles.”

“Featuring fan-favorite characters this season like Nebula, Hela and Happy Hogan, episodes are directed by executive producer Bryan Andrews with executive producer AC Bradley as head writer.”

As What If…? Season 2 gears up for its December release, Marvel fans are in for a treat with a series that both celebrates and challenges the established norms of the MCU. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the MCU!

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