Tokata Iron Eyes Opens Up On Ezra Miller; Claims ‘The Flash’ Star Never Groomed Her

Tokata Iron Eyes says her parents' allegations against 'The Flash' star are a "smear campaign."

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Tokata Iron Eyes claims that her parents’ allegations against The Flash star Ezra Miller are not true.

Tokata Iron Eyes is a Lakota activist who has known The Flash star Ezra Miller since she was 12 years old. Miller and Tokata have known each other at least since 2016 during protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Now 18, Iron Eyes’ parents Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle accused Miller of physical and psychological abuse of her, as well as alleging that Miller groomed her.

Tokata Iron Eyes defends The Flash star.

Insider received texts from Tokata Iron Eyes, who has come in defense of Ezra Miller. She claims that this is all “a disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign” made against The Flash star, and that Miller “in multiple cases has done the right thing and stood in protection of others.” Both Iron Eyes and Miller stayed with a family friend in December 2021, in which during the stay, a family friend claimed she witnessed the two having sex on a bed outside, which Iron Eyes claims is “so very false.”

Ezra Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes later ended up in Miller’s Vermont farm, and on January 29, 2022, Miller and their house guests contacted Tokata’s parents to alert them that after taking LSD four days prior, she was incapacitated. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle claim that they retrieved their daughter, finding her incoherent, having lost her voice, and with bruises on her arms and left cheek, which they allege was abuse from The Flash star.

In response to her parents’ allegations of abuse against Ezra Miller, Tokata Iron Eyesclaimed that she took “a microdose” of LSD, and claimed that bruises on her arms were a result of self-harm in response to the death of a close friend. Tokata also claimed that her bruises may have come from her parents having “violently dragged” her out of The Flash star’s house. Iron Eyes’ mother Sara Jumping Eagle denies this claim.

Insider also reports that Oliver Ignatius, who has collaborated with Ezra Miller on music, claimed that he witnessed them confiscating Iron Eyes’ phone while verbally abusing her. Ignatius claimed that Miller pressured her to change her name to Gibson, though Iron Eyes claims she came up with the name herself, and goes by both names. In response to an exchange of dialogue that Ignatius alleged Miller called Iron Eyes out over applying makeup, she had this to say:

“That was queer dialogue about a badly applied rouge on my part, which I appreciated. I think the fact that a catty comment made by a queer person about makeup being considered abuse is actually quite homophobic rhetoric.”

Insider recently reported that Ezra Miller was traveling the US with at least one gun in hand and wearing a bulletproof vest out of paranoia of being followed by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan. In regards to the later group, The Flash star made a video threatening the Beulaville Chapter of the North Carolina KKK earlier this year. In response to this report, Tokata Iron Eyes said that this was a “Fashionable safety measure in response to actual attacks and received death threats.”

Earlier this year, Tokata Iron Eyes posted a video to her Instagram in response to some of her parents’ allegations. You can check it out down below:

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Source: Insider

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