New Edition Of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Book Debunks Theory On Albus Dumbledore

The new edition of the 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' textbook debunks a theory about Albus Dumbledore and Newt Scamander.

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Five years after the last Harry Potter film was released, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them transported fans back to J. K. Rowling’s magical Wizarding World, kicking-off a brand new series of films. Centered on the author of the fictional textbook from which the film was inspired, Newt Scamander, fans theorized that the magizoologist’s exploits in New York City where part of a mission to infiltrate the MACUSA on the orders of Albus Dumbledore. Now, a new edition of the Fantastic Beasts textbook has been released and includes an introduction that debunks the fan theory.

The new edition of the textbook includes an introduction by Newt Scamander, who explains why the theory does not make sense.

No undercover wizard would have chosen to pose as a Magizoologist at that period. An interest in magical beasts was considered dangerous and suspect, and taking a case full of such creatures into a major city was, in retrospect, a serious mistake.

The introduction credits Rita Skeeter, a gossip correspondent for a paper within the Harry Potter universe, with originating the claim, suggesting J. K. Rowling wanted to definitively discredit the theory by attributing the rumor to a recognizably untrustworthy character.

Because the Fantastic Beasts films are set before the events of the Harry Potter series, the new edition also provides an in-universe explanation for why the textbook does not offer details on future films in the new series.

I am not yet in a position to tell the full story of my activities during the two decades that Gellert Grindelwald terrorized the wizarding world. As more documents become declassified over the coming years, I will be freezer to speak openly about my role during that dark period in our history.

The previous passage suggests that further additions to the original textbook will be released as the Fantastic Beasts films hit theaters, assuring fans that there will plenty of new information to absorb over the coming years.

The first Fantastic Beasts sequel is scheduled to be released in theaters on November 16, 2018.

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‘Fantastic Beasts’: 10 Actors Who Could Play Young Dumbledore

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find them is set to hit theaters very soon and in wake of its release a recent report has stated that Harry Potter‘s mentor Dumbledore will appear in the second of this apparent five part series. Dumbledore is one of the greatest and most crucial characters of the series so it’s no surprise that a Warner Bros. film that takes place in the same universe would want to include his presence. With the announcement of the character set to make an appearance it’s a great time to look at actors that could potentially take on this important role and bring some of that wisdom and likability to that role. So without further ado here are the top 10 actors we believe could portray the young Dumbledore.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans is set to star as Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but his seemingly tough roles could give this Dumbledore an edge that we have not seen in the previous films. I think that Evans’ talent as an actor and ability to play a more rugged character could really bring a new dimension to this character in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Richard Armitage

Known for his role in The Hobbit films, Richard Armitage has the capability to play wise leaders, but also brash and headstrong characters as well. His talent has been shown off as Thorin in those films, but also in the successful television show, Hannibal. He has shown his talents in both television and on the big screen, which could make him a good choice for such a great character.

Hugh Laurie

The incredibly talented and versatile Hugh Laurie has been cast by fans constantly for multiple roles and that is a testament to his talent as a performer. He can play dramatic, but also has incredible comedic ability and talent. He showed this talent on the long running show, House. This could be an element that could be explored more in bringing Dumbledore back to the big screen.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy is an incredibly talented actor with some big things under his belt. His biggest getting the opportunity to portray young Charles Xavier in the recent X-Men films. A practice that could prove beneficial to portraying this potential role in the the Fantastic Beasts franchise.  Recently the trailer for his newest film, Split was released where he plays multiple characters, which just is another example of his range and talent as a performer.

Lee Pace

Lee Pace is mostly known for his roles in The Hobbit films as well as portraying the villain, Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. He may not be the most well known name on the list, but his talent is important to consider. He can have a commanding presence about him and with someone portraying as great a character as Dumbledore is, there must be some level of power and presence expressed even if he may be a younger version.  I think that his work in bigger franchises as well as his performances on television could lead him to effectively take on the role

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is known for his role as Loki in the Marvel films, but his range and talent stretches far past that role. He’s been in big and small scale films and his performances are always memorable. His talent as an actor shows no bounds to genres and I think his talent could be a great benefit. We will see more of him in Kong: Skull Island next year, but I could definitely see him also tackling a role as important as Dumbledore is.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is one of my favorite actors to come out in the past couple of years and his talent is spread out in some incredible works and films. If Fassbender is considered for the wise Dumbledore this would not be the first time he played the young version of a character as he also starred as Magneto in the recent X-Men films alongside McAvoy.  His performance there shows that he can really capture the emotions of scenes using his quiet, but intuitive presence. His take on Dumbledore would be different from the rest and I think that would be completely fascinating.

Jude Law

An actor whose range in choices is wide and this range is important in bringing the character to life.  Law’s been in heavy dramas as well as lighter comedy and action films including portraying the role of Watson in the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films. Law has been celebrated for his performances over the years and his name brings weight, so he could very easily take on the role and bring a new energy to it that can make it unique. He is definitely one of the best actors who would be great for the role of Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Ewan McGregor

What can be said about Ewan McGregor that hasn’t already been said? He’s an incredible talent whose work ranges from the trippy Trainspotting series to the epic Star Wars saga, where he arguably gave the best performance of the prequel films. He naturally has all of the elements that I can see that Dumbledore has.  It’s an important role and I think that Ewan could be perfect to continue the legacy of a character who has already been done justice in the previous Harry Potter films.

Colin Firth

Colin Firth is an Academy Award winning actor whose presence is always respected.  His performances always feel like there is a grandiose weight to them. He really can bring the best points of a character to the surface.  He has worked on a range of projects from romantic comedies all the way to his action film Kingsman The Secret Service.  This film in particular shows that he can handle himself in an action setting, which is important for the Harry Potter franchise, but what is most important is his charm and his ability to bring a knowledgeable essence to the role.

The part of young Dumbledore will be an important role to fill and whoever is chosen to be him I’m sure that he will bring the spark needed to bring that character back to the big screen in a new way.

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