Geoff Johns Producing Green Lantern HBO Max Series

Geoff Johns Green Lantern Sinestro HBO Max DC Comics

Geoff Johns is confirmed to be producing the mysterious Green Lantern series for the Warner Bros.’ upcoming streaming service HBO Max.

Comic writer and former DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns will produce the Green Lantern series set for HBO Max. Although little is known about the series, the head of HBO Max originals Sarah Aubrey revealed that it would explore the origins of two separate members of the Corps and that the villain Sinestro would appear. It’s not clear which Lanterns will appear in the series, but fans will remember that Geoff Johns notably brought back Hal Jordan in the Rebirth miniseries in 2005, so perhaps it’ll feature the legendary hero in some way.

The confirmation that the producer is working on the series came from the website of his own production company, which also recently worked on Stargirl with Greg Berlanti. The HBO Max series is also being produced by Greg Berlanti alongside Johns. The site explains that the HBO Max series is “the first live-action series delving into the Green Lantern universe,” and the brief line could hint that fans might see more shows focusing on other characters from the Corps in the future, though that’s just speculation at the moment.

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HBO Max’s Green Lantern series will span several decades and focus on the origins of two Emerald Knights, with classic comic book villain Sinestro appearing as well. In addition, HBO Max is developing a Strange Adventures DC anthology series and a DC Super Hero High show from Elizabeth Banks. News of the Green Lantern series arrived shortly after reports of HBO Max planning to produce DC projects with budgets on par with those of feature films.

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