Ryan Reynolds Throws Shade At ‘Green Lantern’ Movie

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The poorly received Green Lantern film from 2011 is still get shade thrown at it from star Ryan Reynolds.

It’s not surprise that Ryan Reynolds harbours resentment towards Green Lantern, his second attempt at portraying a superhero. He first appeared as a butchered version of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and while he got to redeem the character in a solo film almost a decade later, the same can’t be said for his ill-fated stint as the DC character. Reynolds has treated the DC film as the butt of many jokes and shows no signs of stopping, so much so that it’s become part of his self-referential brand.

A fan on Twitter asked Ryan Reynolds if they should rent Green Lantern. Reynolds immediately came to the rescue to save the fan from suffering disappointment like the rest of us did years ago when we saw the film.

Ryan Reynoldσ’ discontent for the movie  is so consistent that the project was even referenced in Deadpool 2. In the sequence in which the titular character goes back in time, the Merc With A Mouth shoots Reynolds before he can make the film. It’s not just Reynolds who holds no love for the DC film. While promoting Free Guy, stars Taika Waititi and Reynolds “forgot” that they first appeared alongside each other in Green Lantern.

While Ryan Reynolds’ brief stint as Hal Jordan was far from warmly received, but Green Lantern is set to return in an HBO MAX series created by Greg Berlanti. The series will feature two Green Lanterns and will also bring Sinestro into the fold. While details on the series are slim, it’s hard to imagine that the Berlanti-produced series will be a disappointment for fans.

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