‘Green Lantern’: Finn Wittrock Speaks On Cancelled Guy Gardner Series

Was he the perfect Green Lantern?

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Would Finn Wittrock have been the perfect Guy Gardner? The actor breaks down his thoughts on the cancelled Green Lantern series.

One of the most anticipated projects set to come out of the DC Universe prior to James Gunn’s reboot was the Green Lantern Max series. The show would have focused on Guy Gardner, with Finn Wittrock playing the iconic role. While the project was ultimately cancelled, Wittrock has confidence in returning to the world of spandex someday soon.

“I had like 20 Green Lantern comics sitting in my closet,” Wittrock explained in a recent interview with Comicbook.com. “I was starting to read the comics, my five year old son, would find the comics and be like ‘Dad, what’s this?’ And I was like, ‘Research from a project that never was.’ But yeah, it gave me a great education, into Green Lantern already. And now, I’m kind of hooked on to the story.”

“So, it was definitely, I won’t say it didn’t sting to find out the news that it wasn’t happening. But, I think it was nice because I got to realize what I would need to do to prepare for a role like that. So, hopefully, some other comic book role will, the one that’s supposed to be, will come my way. And then at least like have some kind of heads up about how to enter that world.” 

Given Nathan Fillion is set to play Guy Gardner in the upcoming DC Universe reboot, it’s not likely Finn Wittrock will be putting on a Green Lantern ring anytime soon. Fans have long been campaigning for Wittrock to play Nightwing in his own series, so perhaps this cancellation was a blessing in disguise.

Finn Wittrock Breaks Down Guy Gardner’s Look

With so many costumes worn by Guy Gardner over the years, fans have speculated what look Finn Wittrock would’ve rocked in the series. Specifically, if he would’ve sported the Green Lantern’s iconic bowl cut. According to Wittrock, he was fully prepared to dye his hair for the part.

“Well, I knew, I knew the fans wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t have the red hair and the bow cut. So, yeah, I was preparing, I was mentally preparing. Not physically. I was gonna wait till the last possible second for that. But uh yeah, that to happen, you know.”

It’s certainly a shame that such a perfect casting was never able to be made manifest. Yet while Finn Wittrock may have lost out on playing Guy Gardner to Nathan Fillion in the new DC Universe, it’s clear the Green Lantern now holds a special place in his heart. Hopefully that means fans might be able to see what his character would’ve looked like in the cancelled series through a Halloween cosplay!

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