‘Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2’: James Gunn On Ego The Living Planet; Costume Unveiled


One of the best parts of yesterday’s Marvel Hall H panel at Comic-Con was the long-awaited reveal of Kurt Russell’s character in director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Not only did Gunn confirm that Russell is playing Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father, the character is none other than Ego the Living Planet! Off the cuff, it sounds inane but this is a franchise that made us fall in love with a monosyllabic tree and a Frankenstein raccoon. I think we’re in safe hands.

Gunn spoke to ComicBook.com about the reveal and what it means for the film.

“The first movie, we set out to create a movie that wasn’t what people expected, that took them to new places, that was both much funnier, much more colorful and much more emotional than they thought it was going to be. I think this movie’s going to be the same way. I think we’re giving them things that they don’t expect and I think we take twists and turns and the stories that I don’t think you’re going to expect. It starts with today in revealing this is about Baby Groot and this is about Ego the Living Planet being Quill’s father. It’s a very unique situation to start with.”

Gunn held the information close to chest for a while but he said he felt, with the movie wrapped, it was best to control the flow of information about the film, rather than wait for a leak or spoiler. Also, the reveal isn’t itself a big deal in the movie, with Gunn revealing it takes place in Act 1 and thus sets the stage for the remainder of the film to explore the consequences of having a father who, as Gunn eloquently puts it, just “happens to be a Living Planet.”

“Quite frankly, we knew that people were going to figure it out eventually. People were gonna start testing the movie, we’re gonna start testing trailers, and it this point I thought it was better that we took the reigns in our own hands and revealed Ego to the public. I also think it sends a real important message. This movie isn’t about, ‘Oh my god, you’ve gotta go and find out who Peter Quill’s dad is!’ It really is about the story and the relationship these characters have. We find out about Peter’s father pretty close to the beginning of the film so we’re not giving some big spoiler away. I think it really isn’t about this big surprise, it really is about the story and the emotions that transpire between Peter Quill, his adoptive father Yondu, and his biological father Ego who happens to be a Living Planet.”

As an additional treat, Comic-Con goers and intrepid Twitter fans got to see Kurt Russell’s costume from the film. It is a simple and undramatic tunic, reminding me of Jorah the Andal from Game of Thrones. It bespeaks a traveling man, which, despite his planetary status, Ego certainly is (at least when he’s experiencing humanity through the form of Kurt Russell).

The film is cryptically described (for now) as “Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) tries to find his true father.”  It is scheduled to kick off next summer’s movie season on May 5, 2017. Read our continuing Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 coverage, with new details from last night’s panel and character portraits.

SOURCE: ComicBook.com (x2)

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