Hawkeye Season 2: Rumored Plot Details Reveal New & Returning Marvel Characters


On the most recent Disney earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the company plans to reevaluate its slate of films and TV shows from Marvel Studios.

“I’ve been working hard with the studio to reduce output and focus more on quality, that’s particularly true with Marvel,” Iger said.

He added: “We’re slowly going to decrease volume and go to probably about two TV series a year instead of what had become four, and reduce our film output from maybe four a year to two or at the maximum three.”

That being said, we know what one of those Marvel television shows might possibly be. According to somewhat reliable scooper MyTimetoShine, “Hawkeye has been renewed for a second season. Clint’s brother, Barney, will play a major role, and the season will be inspired by The Raid, with Kate and Clint stuck in one location.”

Sounds like a clever and economical way to produce a second season as a contained one location thriller. If the rumor proves accurate, where was Clint’s brother all this time and what was he doing during the blip?

Barney Barton aka Trickshot

In the Marvel comics, Barney Barton was first introduced as the older brother of Clint Barton in 1983’s Hawkeye #1, and is also known as Trickshot. Barney and Clint Barton had a difficult and challenging upbringing because of their abusive dad, which led them down a troubled path.

As adults, Barney became a skilled archer and adopted the alias “Trickshot,” using his abilities for criminal activities. However, he eventually reconciled with his brother Clint and even trained him in archery.

Despite his criminal past, Barney has occasionally aided Clint and other superheroes in their adventures. He has also struggled with addiction throughout his appearances. Notably, Barney joined the Dark Avengers, suggesting that Trickshot could play a significant role in future storylines involving the team.

Back at the start of 2023, Jeremy Renner suffered a horrific snowplow incident while attempting to save his nephew, leaving the Marvel star in recovery for most of last year. With his recent return to acting to film Mayor of Kingstown season 3, Renner expressed his interest in coming back as Hawkeye in the MCU now that he’s gotten stronger.

“I’m always game.” Renner told ET during a recent interview. “I’m gonna be strong enough, that’s for sure. I’ll be ready. All those guys come to my bedside and they’ve been with me all along through this recovery, so… if they want me, they could have me. It would be something.”

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