Review: Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Is All Out ‘Fast and Furious’ Action

The road to Hobbs and Shaw has been filled with controversy. The film had a few bumps along its way to the big screen but the determination of Dwayne Johnson eventually got it green-lit. Dwayne Johnson got into a very public feud with fellow Fast and Furious cast mate Vin Diesel during the filming of The Fate of the Furious, something that broke up the “fast family” as the former will only appear in his spin-off instead of reprising his role as Luke Hobbs in the main saga. The time has come to see if Dwayne Johnson was right in sticking to his guns and making this spin-off a thing. We got a chance to check out an early screening of Hobbs and Shaw, and I have to admit… it was a real fun time!

The last few Fast and Furious movies have created what is now essentially a full-blown action franchise, focusing less on cars and more on saving the world. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s Hobbs and Shaw leans more into the action, so the cars and racing get put all the way to the back burner. It has a classic action movie plot — two warring heroes have to put away their differences to help a damsel in destress and protect a Mcguffin from falling into the wrong hands. While the whole thing is totally predictable and somewhat laughable, you’ll probably find yourself having fun while watching this movie.

Directed by Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch, Hobbs and Shaw sees the return of Dwayne Johnson’s former DSS Agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. Their performances can be somewhat cheesy at times, but when the lines land they’re pretty damn hilarious. While Hobbs doesn’t appear to have changed that much, Dwayne Johnson seems very comfortable playing the character that got him nicknamed “Franchise Viagra,” and the more he gets into the role, the better the movie becomes. Meanwhile, Shaw is still the scurvy dude that knows how to solve problems. The more we learn about Shaw, the deeper Statham gets to go into the role and we almost forget about him killing Han and begin to want to see him play the hero.

In addition to Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the star-studdest cast of Hobbs and Shaw also includes Vanessa Kirby and Idris Elba. The movie has quite a few surprises and that’s what makes you want to see more from this cast in this new corner of the Fast and Furious universe. Kirby is on board as Shaw’s sister Hattie, a badass MI6 agent trying to save the world. She’s gotten her self knee-deep in it and ends up needing a little help from Hobbs and Shaw. Kirby portrays the role well and handles her own amongst the two action-movie titans and even the villainous Brixton, played by Elba. Brixton is an unstoppable force and Elba was quite possibly the best choice to play him. The character is being driven by a cause and Elba brings the focus, ferocity and passion to become one of the most formidable villains the Fast and Furious universe has so far seen.

There are a few other elements that I wouldn’t want to spoil, but the movie is filled with surprises, two of which would have been better suited having more of a focus in the film. While I did enjoy watching Hobbs and Shaw, there’s no denying that it falls prey to a weak, predictable plot, but it’s a ton of fun and I’d definitely go see it again. What the film set up is a new team for Fast and Furious fans to fall in love with, and said team makes me very excited for a potential sequel. David Leitch brings his stuntman chops into the Fast and Furious universe and the all-out mayhem has the director creating the most action-packed film in the franchise. Leitch’s stamp is all over the movie and I’m excited to see where Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and the director take Hobbs and Shaw next.

Overall ThoughtsHobbs and Shaw is an action-packed time at the movies. Total mayhem and insanity make this have the best action in a Fast and Furious movie to date. Dwayne Johnson made the right choice in putting his foot down to feud with Vin Diesel in order to get this movie made. Hobbs and Shaw is a movie that the entire family will love and it’s Dwayne Johnson at his peak. The film is one of the first blockbuster films to give such a big spotlight to Samoan culture and Dwayne Johnson looks like he had the time of his life filming those scenes. It’s been a very important part of his identity in the media and to get a chance to showcase that on such a big stage must feel incredible. Hobbs and Shaw has everything going for it and while it fails at certain things, I’m definitely interested in seeing more from this corner of the Fast and Furious universe. With a cast that includes the biggest movie star on earth, an action movie legend and a few surprise cameos, Hobbs and Shaw is a fun first attempt at expanding the Fast and Furious series.

Rating: 7.0/10

‘Titans’ Batmobile Concept Art Reveals Different Takes On Batman’s Iconic Vehicle

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Titans BatmobileFollowing its brief appearance in last week's episode, concept art for Titans' Batmobile has been released and reveals different takes on Batman's iconic vehicle.

The latest episode of Titans revealed a brief first look at a new version of the Batmobile while Dick Grayson is in the Batcave via flashback. The final version of the Batmobile in the Titans universe appears to be inspired by Batman 89 and The Animated Series. Concept art has been released and the initial designs were seemingly inspired by many past versions of the Batmobile across different mediums. You can check out the concept art below:


Do you like the look of the Batmobile in Titans? Which concept art version is your favorite? Comment below!

The series continues this week with the episode titled “Asylum” and you can read the official synopsis below!

When The Messenger (recurring guest star REED BIRNEY) reveals that Rachel’s birth mother is alive and being held captive by The Organization in a mysterious psychiatric facility, Rachel is determined to rescue her. But once inside, the Titans are faced with their deepest vulnerabilities and fears.

Guest Cast: Rachel Nichols as Angela, Reed Birney as The Messenger and Rachel Crawford as Doctor.

The series stars Brenton Thwaites as Richard “Dick” Grayson / Robin, Anna Diop as Koriand’r / Starfire, Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth / Raven, and Ryan Potter as Garfield “Gar” Logan / Beast Boy.

Titans is now available exclusively on DC Universe.

Titans Batmobile

Titans Batmobile

Titans Batmobile

Titans Batmobile

Titans Batmobile

Titans Batmobile

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