‘Iron Fist’ Fans Petition For Marvel & Netflix To Revitalize Series

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Ladies and gentlemen…what do fans do when things don’t go their way? They tweet, they post, they create hashtags, and they let out their grievances on forums. Those are just a few examples. But when push comes to shove, there’s always the ultimate option: a Change.org petition. And this is the subject of today’s story in regards to Marvel Television, Netflix, and the Defender formerly known as Iron Fist.

On Friday, fans of the Iron Fist were thrown for a loop when Marvel and Netflix announced that the adventures of Danny and Colleen- who actually now has the Iron Fist- would be coming to an end with the series cancelled after two seasons. Indeed, Iron Fist has, for the moment, gone the way of Agent Carter and Inhumans as far as Marvel series that have gotten the axe, but as you no doubt know from fandom, fans are not just protective of adaptations they have come to love, but they won’t stop when it comes to defending them.

And even though subsequent reports in light of Iron Fist’s cancellation have signaled that series lead Finn Jones will reprise his role in other Marvel Netflix series, this hasn’t stopped fans from starting a Change.org petition in hopes of getting the higher-ups at Marvel Television and Netflix to give the series another shot. Have a look at the petition’s statement:

“Netflix has made a terrible decision in cancelling Iron Fist after 2 seasons . There are many fans of the character and the series and most people said that the second season was excellent . I think its unfair that Luke Cage , Jessica Jones and Daredevil get a third season and their shows get mixed reviews too yet Iron Fist gets the shaft . There is so much more potential and stories to be told and its not great fanservice to end the last season on a cliff hanger and not go along with it especially when the second season was more well recieved with critics and fans . So Netflix and Marvel please revise your decision and greenlight a third season for Iron Fist.”

Grammatical errors aside, it’s worth noting that even though DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage may have gotten a few mixed reviews, their seasons were better received on both their freshman and sophomore run. And if it takes a second season for people to call Iron Fist an adequate show after a lackluster first outing, then you didn’t your job right the first time. Especially when the changes just turned the show from mediocre to somewhat acceptable.

And again, Finn Jones is reportedly set to appear in other Marvel Netflix series, so this isn’t completely the end for the immortal Iron Fist just yet. Though it remains to be seen just where he’ll appear and be utilized, as not to take away from the events of another character’s own show.

Are you on board with this petition to bring back Iron Fist? And how do you hope to see utilized in other Marvel Netflix series? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more developments on the series

Iron Fist is now available to watch on Netflix.

Source: Screenrant

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