Here’s How Tony Stark’s Iron Man Armor Could Look Like In ‘Avengers 4’

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Tony Stark is a futurist. Maybe not within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least not at the present moment, but traditionally, Stark is able to plan ahead. And even with Avengers: Infinity War he was the one to note that “Hey, Thanos is coming to us.” So they’d have the advantage, right? Well, maybe not so much when half of humanity no longer exists. At least, until Avengers 4 rolls around next year. But there’s probably not an Iron Man armor that will fix this mess.

Well, not that we know of, anyway, but whether it’s something like the Silver Centurion armor, Tony usually has a plan. It remains to be seen just what new toys, gadgets, and suit will come into play for Avengers 4, but that hasn’t stopped one artist from conjuring up an image of how Stark’s armor could look in the next Avengers film. The image, shared on Instagram, shows Iron Man in what’s being dubbed the Mark 85 armor, and after what happened in Infinity War, Stark will no doubt want to put it to use against Thanos in the next Avengers film.

Here, have a look at the Mark 85 Iron Man armor in the Avengers 4 fan-art in the image below:

With time travel playing a part in the follow-up to Infinity War, perhaps during that time Tony Stark puts himself together another suit that will serve him better in the battle against Thanos during the second round against the Mad Titan. This being fan art, it’s difficult to determine whether this is indeed a possibility for how Stark could suit up as Iron Man in Avengers 4. Heck, maybe he decides to go back to basics and determines that less is more. The first actual Iron Man suit, mind you, not the one he built out of scraps in a cave.

What do you think of the fan art for Iron Man? And how do you imagine he’ll look by the time the follow-up to Infinity War rolls around next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Instagram

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