James Gunn Debunks ‘Booster Gold’ Series Production Rumor

Is Booster Gold coming soon?

James Gunn Booster Gold DC

Is Booster Gold ever coming to the DC Universe? James Gunn debunks a rumor about production on the upcoming series.

Booster Gold is one of the projects fans are most excited about in the upcoming DC Universe reboot. The character has been a cult favorite among comic book fans for years, with the upcoming series being the first time the character has helmed his own live-action project. While an odd pick to casual fans, it’s one of those projects that show DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran truly have their finger on the pulse of their audience.

Of course, this excitement caused the internet to explode when a recent rumor suggested the Booster Gold series would be filming later this summer. Fans immediately began speculating who would play the character in the DC Universe, what the story could be, and why Gunn and Safran didn’t say anything sooner. However, it seems what Gunn had to say wasn’t what fans wanted to hear.

James Gunn Gets Real About Booster Gold

James Gunn recently took to social media to celebrate a different piece of casting in the DC Universe: Clark Kent’s parents. When asked about the rumor in the comments, Gunn responded: “Although we’re still working on Booster Gold, production isn’t imminent and that story/posting is completely false.”

This news may disappoint Booster Gold fans who have repeatedly been kicked by each incarnation of the DC Universe (we’re looking at you, Arrowverse). However, this once again shows that James Gunn and Peter Safran are truly trying to get the character right instead of rushing the series out the door. So let’s just hope that whenever production does begin, it does the character the justice he deserves!

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