James Gunn Pays Tribute To Blue Beetle & Rocket Raccoon Co-Creator Keith Giffen

Rest in Peace, Keith Giffen.

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Legendary comic artist and writer Keith Giffen recently passed away at the age of 70. DC Studios co-chair James Gunn took to social media to pay respect to the co-creator of such beloved characters like Blue Beetle and Rocket Raccoon.

The comic book community mourns the loss of Keith Giffen, a writer an artist who had a hand in creating some of the biggest stars in comic book films this year with Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle and Rocket Raccoon. James Gunn, co-chair of DC Studios and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, paid tribute to the legendary figure in a recent social media post:

“Sad to hear of the passing of Keith Giffen, a true original in comics as writer & artist,” Gunn wrote on Threads. “Whose uniqueness, humor, and beauty made the Justice League, Lobo, Rocket Raccoon, & many other classic characters come alive in ways we had never seen.”

“I 1st noticed Keith reading the 1st appearance of Ambush Bug & thinking, what a refreshing take on superheroes, so different in from other comics artists of the time. Thanks for years of enjoyment, Keith. Rest in peace. My love to his family and friends.”

Keith Giffen had a truly legendary history in comics. Giffen co-created dozens of iconic characters from Rocket Raccoon, to Lobo, to the Jaime Reyes incarnation of Blue Beetle. Giffen inspired many DC Comics fans like James Gunn with his outlandish tales in the pages of Ambush Bug and heroic journeys with the Justice League and Legion of Superheroes. While he will be missed, he’ll be far from forgotten in the hearts of fans.

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