James Gunn Responds To Zack Snyder’s Comments About The DC Universe Reboot

James Gunn addresses Zack Snyder!

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Is there bad blood in the DC Universe? James Gunn speaks on Zack Snyder’s comments about the upcoming reboot.

Ever since it was announced that James Gunn would be helming the DC Universe reboot with Peter Safran, fans across the internet have drawn battle lines ready to bash or defend Zack Snyder’s version of the characters. From the outside, it would appear they were mortal enemies. However, it seems Snyder has nothing but kind words for Gunn and his team.

“You know, I’m a pretty open book. I really feel like, you know, if the characters are treated with reverence, and mythologically correct, then I’m down. I’m in,” Snyder explained to CBR. “Let’s see what happens. I’m pretty excited. I mean, we’re going to get Superman pretty soon, so we’ll see what that’s like.”

It’s good to see two of the biggest architects of the DC Universe don’t have any beef between them. This shouldn’t come as any shock though given the two have worked together on projects like Dawn of the Dead, which was written by James Gunn and directed by Zack Snyder. The two have a history of awesome reboots!

James Gunn’s Response To Zack Snyder’s Support

Given James Gunn is so active on social media, many fans saw it as their duty to bring these comments about the upcoming reboot to his attention. However, it seems Gunn was already aware of Zack Snyder’s comments, explaining that the two had already texted about the upcoming DC Universe prior to the interview.

“I didn’t, but I knew it already because he’s texted me,” Gunn revealed in a recent post to Threads. “He’s been incredibly supportive throughout this process.”

Sadly, despite being on good terms with James Gunn, it doesn’t seem like Zack Snyder will be directing anything for the reboot. The director has previously expressed he’d only be interested in returning to the DC Universe for an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. Given Gunn and Peter Safran already have two versions of Batman to worry about, they may not be looking for a third.

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