James Gunn Shuts Down Fake Superman: Legacy Rumor, But Does Share Intriguing Casting Tease

"Well we're running out of characters to announce but there will be a couple more soon," Gunn said on Instagram

Superman Legacy Jonathan and Martha Kent

Excitement is building for Superman: Legacy, the new Superman film from DC Studios directed by James Gunn. But one recent rumor about the plot sparked controversy online before Gunn himself shot it down.

After providing a promising update that Legacy is on schedule for its planned 2025 release, an insider claimed part of the film would involve Superman in conflict with terrorists in the fictional DC country of Bialya.

Another scooper corroborated this, alleging the terrorists had obtained Kryptonian technology. This sparked debate, given real-world political tensions in the Middle East.

Gunn took to Instagram to definitively shut down the false rumor about a controversial terrorism plotline in his upcoming Superman: Legacy film.

When a user commented asking Gunn to confirm the rumored “terrorist threat in the Middle East” story wasn’t true, the director gave a firm denial: “It isn’t true.

Gunn Teases Additional Superman: Legacy Casting

Gunn also took to social media on Sunday to add that more casting is on the way.

“Well we’re running out of characters to announce but there will be a couple more soon,” Gunn said on Instagram.

Superman: Legacy Casting Ma and Pa Kent?

Heroic Hollywood has learned that the film is looking to cast both an older male and female role in their 50s-60s. Could those roles be Jonathan and Martha Kent?

The caring adoptive parents of Clark Kent have been portrayed by numerous actors over the years, most recently by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Superman: Legacy presents an opportunity to recast the crucial roles of the Kents.

Their presence would add important heart and moral guidance as the new big-screen Superman navigates his destiny. Fans eagerly await news if Ma and Pa Kent will once again appear by their super son’s side.

Superman: Legacy will be re theaters on July 11, 2025.

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