Jason Momoa Becomes Flashpoint Aquaman For Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ In Cool Fan Art

Jason Momoa Flashpoint Aquaman Ezra Miller The Flash

An impressive new fan edit for Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie shows Jason Momoa as Flashpoint Aquaman.

After the incredible news that Michael Keaton is in talks to return as Batman in Ezra Miller’s The Flash, a digital artist has released artwork that imagines Jason Momoa as the Flashpoint version of Aquaman for the upcoming movie. As comic book fans know, the Flashpoint storyline sees Barry Allen changing the timeline to save his mother but accidentally changing the DC Universe, causing a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the present day.

The concept design from digital artist ‘valentinromeroart’ on Instagram shows Jason Momoa’s Aquaman donning a dark red scale armor with black and gold gauntlets. The Atlantean also has a leather strap over his chest as well as a bulky new belt. It’s not clear how much of the Flashpoint storyline will make it into Ezra Miller’s The Flash, but this version of Momoa’s Aquaman would be a welcome addition. You can check out the artwork below.


What do you think of Jason Momoa’s Flashpoint Aquaman design? Do you think he should appear in the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie? Let us know in the comments!

Directed by Andy Muschietti from a script written by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson, The Flash will be inspired by the Flashpoint comic storyline which followed The Flash as he navigated an altered DC Universe. Written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Andy Kuber, Flashpoint radically altered the status of the DC Comics universe and led to the launch of the New 52 titles. It is currently unknown how much inspiration the upcoming Ezra Miller film will take from the comic.

Meanwhile, Jason Momoa is set to reprise his role as Arthur Curry in Warner Bros. and DC’s yet-to-be titled Aquaman sequel. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is writing the script of Aquaman 2, with James Wan expected to return to the director’s chair.

The Flash is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 3, 2022. Stay tuned for all the latest news regarding Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and make sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more video content.

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