‘The Last of Us’ Season 2 Set Photo Reveals First Look At Jeffrey Wright’s Isaac In Live-Action

Jeffrey Wright is back!

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Jeffrey Wright is coming back to The Last of Us! A new set photo reveals the actor will reprise his role as Isaac Dixon in season 2 of the live-action series.

Over the past few months the cast for The Last of Us season 2 has recruited some major names. Among the names include Superman actress Isabela Merced and Beef breakout Young Mazino. However, fans became truly excited when a set photo from the upcoming series showed off the project’s immaculate set design.

Both of these hype engines collided recently when it was revealed through a set photo that Jeffrey Wright would be reprising his role as Isaac Dixon in The Last of Us season 2. Wright had previously portrayed the character in the original game, making him one of the few actors to jump from the digital realm to the tv screen.

Jeffrey Wright’s Role In The Last Of Us

Jeffrey Wright plays an interesting role in The Last of Us franchise. In the second game, Isaac Dixon is the leader of the Washington Liberation Front, and serves as a minor antagonist throughout the story. However, this set photo suggests that he may have a different role through some parts of season 2.

Some speculate that this set photo comes from a flashback sequence following Isaac Dixon before he rebelled against FEDRA. It could also be the case that this scene happens in the present of season 2, with The Last of Us adapting its timescale to get more seasons from the story. Regardless of the route they go, it’s good to see Jeffrey Wright reprise such an iconic role in live-action!

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