Jeremy Renner Comments On Potential ‘Avengers’ Reunion In ‘Secret Wars’

Will the Avengers return?

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Are the original Avengers coming back? Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner gives his thoughts on a potential reunion in Secret Wars.

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to be a celebration of all things Marvel, both within and outside of the MCU. This has led many to speculate that the original Avengers cast would return to their roles for the conclusion of the Multiverse saga, even if only for a cameo. When asked about the possibility, Jeremy Renner revealed Hawkeye should only reunite with his fellow Avengers for a good reason.

“Maybe if enough time goes by, right? I think it kind of has at this point, but also what is the point of the narrative [and] the story?” Renned explained to the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “These are beloved characters. We did spend 23 films together essentially as a collective. What is the reason? What is the story? Do you have to do more after that? How do you ever resolve this?”

“When is it ever gonna feel like, ‘Everyone gets their little bow, nobody died, it feels great!’ What happens here? I’ve got feelings about it. I think everybody does. I think the guys that died have feelings about it.”

It’s clear that Jeremy Renner doesn’t want to give a firm answer as to if the Avengers would ever reunite. However, the Hawkeye star has a point that time continues to march forward in the MCU. Secret Wars is set to release nearly a decade on from Avengers: Endgame. After that long, the original cast may have one final performance left in them as a victory lap.

Jeremy Renner’s Return To The MCU

As of right now, there’s no official plan for Jeremy Renner to return as Hawkeye in the MCU. This is likely at least in part due to the actor’s accident back in 2023 that left him in critical condition. However, Renner has stated before that he’d love to reunite with Marvel sometime in the future.

Rumors have been circulating that, with Jeremy Renner now back to acting with projects like Mayor of Kingstown, Marvel could finally greenlight a second season of Hawkeye on Disney Plus. However, given Disney plans to slow down MCU content on the service, it’s likely the character won’t be seen again until an Avengers project like Secret Wars.

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