Johnny Depp Dismisses ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Return Rumors

Jack is not coming back.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow

Rumors that Disney were looking to bring Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have been dispelled by a representative for the actor.

After Johnny Depp’s victory in his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, rumors have been circulating that the actor may well be up for a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Depp’s role in the Disney film series was brought up several times during the trial and the actor ultimately admitted “nothing on this Earth” would make him want to return to the series. While rumors may have suggested Depp had changed his mind on the matter, there is apparently no truth to these stories.

The Pirates Have A New Captain

A soft reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean entered development in 2018, with Margot Robbie attached to star in a lead role. While Disney apparently had no intention of bringing back Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, many believed this was purely because of Amber Heard’s accusations of domestic abuse against the actor. Consequently, the conclusion of the defamation trial between Heard and Depp, which saw the jury find in Depp’s favor, led many fans to believe Jack could be coming back.

A rumor that began life on PopTopic claimed an industry insider had revealed “Disney are very interested in patching up their relationship with Johnny Depp,” suggesting that the studio had “asked whether [Depp] would be interested in returning for another Pirates film or two.”

If the idea of a major studio like Disney going to beg forgiveness, cap in hand, from an actor such as Johnny Depp seems a little implausible, that’s probably because it didn’t happen. According to a representative for Depp, who spoke to NBC News, “This is made up.”

Given the fact that Disney had already made the decision to move forward on a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp, and considering that Depp had made his feelings on a possible return to the franchise very clear in his defamation trial with Amber Heard, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that he won’t be playing Captain Jack Sparrow again.

The Pirates franchise is based on the original Disneyland attraction of the same name. The first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, garnered Johnny Depp his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The franchise consists of five films, with its last entry, Dead Men Tell No Tales, having sailed into theaters in 2017. All five films have grossed a total of $4.5 billion at the global box office.

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Source: NBC News