New Details On ‘Logan’ Villains And One Very Special Young Mutant


Following up on this morning’s picture of a Boyd Holbrook and unmasking of his Logan villain on the film’s official Instagram, Umberto Gonzalez at TheWrap did some digging and got details on Holbrook’s character and two other (long-speculated) roles in the third Wolverine film, the last to feature Hugh Jackman in his iconic role.

The full poster unveiled last week, a portion of which is above, shows a clawed Wolverine’s hand grasped by a small child’s. The child is a girl named Laura, she is played by newcomer Sienna Novikov, and, yes, as OmegaUnderground first reported and  TheWrap confirms, you know exactly who she is:


A young mutant with the same healing powers as Wolvie and adamantium-covered bone claws in her hands and feet, she has long been rumored to be part of the film as part of the legacy/passing-of-the-torch of Jackman’s finale. She is caught up in a government operation called Transigen, which turns the dwindling mutant population of 2024 into living weapons, much like Weapon X did for Wolverine. It’s up to an old, haggard, regeneration-impaired Wolverine (plus a senile Professor X) to protect her.

Holbrook’s character is Donald Pierce is the head of Transigen. Described in casting calls as “the head of security for a global corporation,” in the comics Pierce was the leader of the Reavers, cyborg nemeses of Wolverine who have been heavily rumored to appear in the film. Richard E. Grant (thought to be Mr. Sinister, who was teased in the credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse), is Dr. Zander Rice. According to Marvel lore, Rice’s father Dale was part of the original Weapon X program and was killed when Wolverine escaped. Now, the son seeks to recreate his father’s program.

Those who thought Grant’s “mad scientist” character fit Mr. Sinister’s bill will be even more disappointed to learn that TheWrap’s sources denied he is in the film However, Umberto said the door was left open for a possible cameo in another credits scene. Maybe they’re saving him for the next X-Men sequel (which would come out, at the earliest, in 2019)?

Directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal, and Elizabeth Rodriguez, Logan is set for release on March 3 next year (3+3+17=23. Coincidence? Absolutely!).

Source: TheWrap

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