Martin Lawrence Confirms Bad Boys For Life Return With Will Smith

Bad Boys Will Smith Martin Lawrence

Actor Martin Lawrence confirmed that the third Bad Boys Film that fans everywhere have been hoping for will see him reunite with Will Smith.

The last time these two came together for the Bad Boys franchise was back in 2003. The two destroyed half of Cuba with a Hummer and it all ended with a showdown outside the gates of Guantanamo Bay. Ever since the credits rolled audiences all over have been yearning for another solid action piece involving Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. Back in May, the film was put back on Sony’s release slate. And now it has been confirmed that the original bad boy detectives of Miami are back. You can check out the post below.

UPDATE: Smith has also taken to Instagram to share a video reuniting with Lawrence, also confirming the project is a go.

The first two films are some of the best work the action genre has ever seen and it’s safe to say that the third film will outdo all expectations. Unlike most action films that suffer sophomore slumps, the sequel to the first was an upgrade in every way possible from the story to the action sequences. So it is a safe bet that this film will be everything viewers are hoping for and more. Fans everywhere are excited for the duo to return and sing the signature Cops theme song. Hopefully this time they have learned more than just the chorus.

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The next Bad Boys film will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer with a script written by Joe Carnahan,  Anthony Tambakis, Chris Bremner and will star Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Bad Boys For Life is set to arrive January 17, 2020.