‘Marvel’s Iron Man VR’ Launch Trailer Arrives Online

Marvel Iron Man VR

The launch trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man VR reveals what players can expect to see from the gameplay as well as the new story.

With Marvel’s Iron Man VR arriving on July 3, a new launch trailer delivers exciting gameplay footage from the PS4 title and reveals more about the threat in the game. As fans will already know, the main villain of the game is Ghost, who was last seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp played by Hannah John-Kamen, although the new version of the villain is voiced by Chantelle Barry. Ghost is joined by the maniacal Living Laser in the footage, as the duo try take Tony Stark down.

The footage reveals more about the story, which focuses on Tony Stark shortly after he’s decided to stop manufacturing weapons. Although clearly that’s not good enough for Ghost, who wants to hold the hero accountable for all the lives his weapons have taken over the years. The Marvel game will also feature a number of different Iron Man suits for players to save the world in. Take a look at the launch trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man VR below.

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Here is the official synopsis for Marvel’s Iron Man VR:

Tony Stark has retired from making weapons and instead creates technology used to battle evil as Iron Man. After several years as a world-famous Super Hero, Tony is attacked by the mysterious Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who repurposes old Stark Industries weapons. In her efforts to topple his empire, Ghost attacks Stark’s corporate locations around the world, leading to ever-escalating stakes and a final showdown.

Marvel’s Iron Man will be released exclusively on PlayStation VR on May 15, 2020.

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