Marvel Producer Reveals Why Deadpool Didn’t Appear In ‘X-Men ’97’

Did Marvel ban Deadpool!?

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Did Marvel keep Deadpool out of X-Men ’97? One of the show’s producers reveals why the Merc with the Mouth didn’t make his animated return in the Disney Plus series.

X-Men ’97 was packed with Marvel cameos. From Captain America to Spider-Man, it seemed everyone was on the table for the mutants’ return to their iconic animated series. However, fans were left scratching their head as to why Deadpool was left out of the project, especially given he’s currently Marvel’s most popular mutant.

Speculation reached a fever pitch when former head writer for X-Men ’97 Beau DeMayo broke his silence on the matter. Posting to X/Twitter, the showrunner revealed that Marvel had barred the use of Deadpool in the series, among other iconic characters. However, according to one producer, the situation wasn’t as clear-cut as DeMayo made it seem.

Was Deadpool Banned From Marvel’s X-Men ’97?

Mandates to not use a character aren’t exactly new in comic book media. DC fans remember the pain of seeing certain characters barred from use in the Arrowverse or other projects over the past decade. It makes sense that Marvel might ban the use of Deadpool in X-Men ’97 as to not distract from his upcoming film. However, according to producer Brad Winderbaum, there was never any rule stating that the X-Men ’97 team couldn’t use the character.

“I don’t know that it was like a hard and fast rule that we couldn’t use Deadpool,” Winderbaum told ScreenRant. “We would have had to have an insanely compelling reason to bring Deadpool in. Because we’re also developing the feature simultaneously. So, unless it was something that really was an undeniable creative idea, it seemed like, ‘Why would we do it?'”

“But also, I’ll say, the season is so chock-full of big, giant, amazing fulfilling ideas that throwing Deadpool in there almost feels like arbitrary at a certain point. Is there a potential for Deadpool to come in? Absolutely, he was in the original series, briefly as we all know, and certainly we’re all fans, so we’ll see what happens.”

Fans can certainly attest that X-Men ’97 was full of more characters and concepts than anyone could have expected. So while Deadpool didn’t find his way into the roster this time, it seems the door is open for the anti-hero to make his animated return in a future season of the show.

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