Deadpool & Wolverine: Rumored Runtime Is A Huge Franchise First

AMC theaters has revealed the running time to be 2 hours and 7 minutes

deadpool & wolverine deadpool and wolverine

With just a little over two months left to go for Deadpool & Wolverine to hit the silver screen in what is sure to be the biggest movie of the summer, the film’s running time has been possibly revealed.

AMC Theaters posted the running time on its site and the film is looking at a running time of 2 hours and 7 minutes, making it the longest in the Deadpool franchise. 2016’s Deadpool had a runtime of 108 minutes (1 hour, 48 minutes), whereas its 2018 follow-up, Deadpool 2, had a slightly longer running time of 119 minutes (1 hour, 59 minutes).

While Deadpool & Wolverine clocks in at over two hours, it doesn’t come close to the lengthiest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Endgame holds the top spot with its epic 3-hour and 1-minute runtime. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes in second place at 2 hours and 41 minutes, Eternals comes in third place at 2 hours and 36 minutes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ranks in fourth place at 2 hours and 29 minutes, and Avengers: Infinity War rounds out the top five of the MCU’s longest films also at 2 hours and 29 minutes.

While Deadpool & Wolverine‘s duration falls within the middle, the two hour runtime gives the film maximum playability in theaters. There have been previous complaints about Marvel movies being too long, so it looks like Feige and company have been paying attention and are keeping the movies lean going forward.

In a recent interview with Collider, the film’s director, Shawn Levy, emphasized that although the movie is undoubtedly a Deadpool movie, it does not serve as a direct sequel of the previous entries in the series.

“Well, the truth is, I think your answer is in the question, which is if you make the kinds of movies I make, you are listening to the audience,” Levy said. “I’m not making small films for my own satisfaction in a room alone, I’m making it to connect to the biggest audience possible. We have had some early screenings that were extremely, extremely promising. I wouldn’t say that there were any big surprises, but you feel where the pace wants to tighten, you feel where you can afford to slow down and have a deeper, more durable character moment. And at the end of the day, as I think we’ve said, it’s very much a Deadpool movie, but this is not Deadpool 3. This is Deadpool & Wolverine, and it is singular because of that.”

Shawn Levy directs Deadpool & Wolverine, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Emma Corrin, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, and Matthew Macfadyen. Kevin Feige, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy and Lauren Shuler Donner produce with Louis D’Esposito, Wendy Jacobson, Mary McLaglen, Josh McLaglen, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, George Dewey and Simon Kinberg serving as executive producers.

Deadpool & Wolverine is written by Ryan Reynolds & Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick & Zeb Wells & Shawn Levy. 

Deadpool & Wolverine opens in theaters on July 26.

Rick Lemoine

Rick Lemoine

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