Marvel Wants Dwayne Johnson To Play Apocalypse In ‘X-Men’ Reboot (Rumor)

It's time to Rock the MCU!

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The Rock may be ready to change the hierarchy of power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Marvel is reportedly eyeing Dwayne Johnson to play Apocalypse in its upcoming X-Men movie reboot.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most prolific action stars of our time, having tackled everything from Jungle Cruise to his own take on the superhero genre with Black Adam. This has led people online to joke about him joining the MCU, with everyone from the X-Men’s Charles Xavier to Spider-Man’s Mary Jane serving as satirical fancasts.

However, it seems those jokes have finally become a reality. According to a new rumor by scooper MyTimeToShineHello, Marvel wants Dwayne Johnson to play the X-Men villain Apocalypse in the MCU. While rumors can be far from ironclad, the possibility of The Rock joining the MCU is something that will either delight or horrify fans of the franchise.

The Rock’s Superhero History

Apocalypse might be the perfect role for The Rock, if he were to join the MCU. He’s already had the very specific history of playing an Egyptian-based villain with questionable morals and bulging muscles with Black Adam, albeit perhaps not to the success he or his fans would have wanted. In many ways, there may be no actor better than Dwayne Johnson to play the villain in the X-Men reboot.

However, it’s also possible The Rock may be too hard for Marvel to work with in a franchise as rigid as the MCU. Recent reports suggest that Dwayne Johnson lost Amazon nearly $50 million due to his tardiness on the set of Red One, along with many other allegations of unprofessional behavior. This may turn the studio away from casting him as Apocalypse, especially given how much is riding on this reboot for both the X-Men brand and the MCU as a whole.

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