‘Miles Morales: Spider-Man’ Comic Has MCU Captain America Easter Egg

Miles Morales Captain America MCU

Admittedly, Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the first person to say “I can do this all day,” but it’s become a signature phrase of his since he first uttered it in The First Avenger. So naturally, as is often the case with comic books, the comics will borrow or homage moments that have been made famous by their big budget and big screen counterparts. Case in point, the most recent issue of “Miles Morales: Spider-Man.”

While the world at large and general audiences are being introduced to Miles Morales via Into the Spider-Verse, the comic side of things has Miles combatting a familiar face from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. In “Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1,” Miles has a run-in with the Rhino and after Miles manages to stun him, and exerting a lot of energy in the process, he tells the Rhino that he can do this all day.

Again, Cap in the films may not be the first person to ever say this, but it’s certainly become more popularized because it’s been used in the films, as most recently as Captain America: Civil War. Though in this instance, Miles Morales isn’t being bullied by Rhino. In fact, Rhino wasn’t even looking for a fight in the first place. But hey, it wouldn’t be Spider-Man if there wasn’t an opportunity to throw a quick quip in there for extra measure.

And given how “I can do this all day” is more well-known because of its context in the MCU, it’s natural that the comics may be homaging that very line from Cap. What do you think, though? Is this an homage to Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just a coincidence, given how common the line actually is? Let us know in the comments below.

“Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1” is available at comic book shops now.

Source: ComicBook.com

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