‘Moon Knight’ Writer Talks About Marvel Studios’ Vision For The Series

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Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo touched on the upcoming series and opened up about what it has been like working with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.

At D23 last year, it was announced that Moon Knight will finally be making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his own Disney Plus series. Not much is known on the project, other than those who are involved with the scripts. Moon Knight is expected to be a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, with some of the Disney Plus characters expected to eventually make their way to the big screen.

We currently don’t know who will be bringing Moon Knight to life, but the series will arrive next year with production rumored to start in the fall. ComicBook.com caught up with Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo, who joked about how little he could say about the Marvel Studios series:

“He has a rich legacy that’s for sure. It’s funny, last week I had dental surgery and I was driving home and I told my buddy, I’m like, ‘I think Marvel implanted a microphone in my tooth in preparation for any interviews, to make sure I don’t say anything.'”

However, DeMayo did touch on what it’s been like working with Marvel Studios and the passion they have for the character:

“All I can really say is, one, [showrunner] Jeremy Slater is a frigging badass. He’s so smart. He is a great, awesome guy to work for. And then, I know it sounds like pandering but it is so true that, as a fan coming into Marvel, it is so amazing to see the… we’ve heard it before with Kevin [Feige] and everybody’s just… They do really care. It is amazing to sit in a place where you can tell that everybody is a fan and everybody wants to deliver the best quality, the best product. And I think the vision that Kevin had and the vision Jeremy’s had, I can’t say what it is but I think people will really dig it. I know just as a fan, when they told me the take, I was just like, ‘Oh shit, I want to watch that.'”

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In the comics, Moon Knight is the alter-ego of Marc Spector, a Jewish-American rabbi’s son who grew up to become a heavyweight boxer and a U.S. Marine. Afterward, Spector became a mercenary who occasionally worked for the CIA. However, after being left for dead by a former colleague during one of his last missions, Spector was eventually resurrected as ana avatar for conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.  Upon returning to America, Spector decided to become a crimefighter and adopts the Moon Knight title.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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