Neil Druckman Confirms ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Won’t Get DLC

Neil Druckman became Naughty Dog's Vice President in 2018.

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The Last of Us Part II’s creative director and lead co-writer Neil Druckman has revealed that the Playstation exclusive won’t be getting any DLC.

While some want nothing to do with the game due to its jarring story choices, some fans are eagerly wondering what’s next for The Last of Us Part II. It has been a week since the game hit store shelves and while it was received with considerable praise from mainstream outlets, thousands of general users found Neil Druckman’s choices and narrative to be shoddy and disrespectful to the first game, which hit the Playstation 3 in 2013. The first game received semi-lengthy DLC titled Left Behind, which focused on Ellie’s budding romance with Riley, as well as showcasing how she got bit.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping that The Last of Us Part II would receive the same DLC treatment, Neil Druckman revealed in an interview with Kinda Funny that the sequel won’t receive any extra content.

“With Last of Us, I think we had some season pass or something that said ahead of time ‘we have some story DLC,’” “No, there’s no pans.”

This is an understandably a bummer for some fans who were left disappointed with the direction that The Last of Us Part II, or just simply wanted more content from their favorite characters. Considering that the latest game from Neil Druckman rounded out to about 35 hours, it’s understandable that he and the rest of his crew have nothing else to say.