Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Showrunner Reacts To ‘Born Again’ BTS Turmoil

The showrunner speaks!

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Daredevil: Born Again has seemingly hit a rough patch over on Disney Plus. Steven DeKnight, who served as showrunner on Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix, has shared his thoughts on the situation.

It was recently announced that Marvel Studios would be reworking the entirety of Daredevil: Born Again as well as rehauling its approach to MCU Disney Plus shows. Steven DeKnight, who was the first showrunner for Daredevil on Netflix, celebrated these changes before clarifying he holds no joy in the series being mostly scrapped.

It’s unclear how much Marvel Studios will change about Daredevil: Born Again. However, it seems it may stray closer to the original Netflix show given one of the chief complaints was a lack of action. One can only hope the MCU can salvage this Disney Plus series. Maybe they can even bring back Steven DeKnight as showrunner!

What to expect from the new Daredevil series

Marvel Studios recently scrapped the entire creative team for Daredevil: Born Again due to internal criticism. The previous incarnation of the show focused mainly on the legal aspects of Matt Murdock, with the hero not suiting up until episode 4. The series is expected to go through a complete creative rework to focus more on “action and violence”.

Little is known of Daredevil: Born Again, with plot details being kept under wraps. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, Sandrine Holt, Margarita Levieva, Michael Gandolfini, Nikki M. James and Michael Gaston are set to appear in the series opposite Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, a.k.a Kingpin.

Daredevil: Born Again currently has no release date for Disney Plus. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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