Regal Cinema & Alamo Drafthouse Will Require Masks Upon Reopening

Regal Cinemas and Alamo Drafthouse will require customers and employees to wear masks upon reopening.

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Seemingly following the backlash against AMC Theaters, Regal Cinema and Alamo Drafthouse will now require customers to wear masks upon reopening of their theaters.

Yesterday AMC Theatres announced its plan to reopen many of its locations in phases that would last throughout the rest of the year. One thing that it did not include, however, was a requirement for customers to wear masks in the theaters but would highly encourage it. AMC Theaters claimed this was due to a desire not to get caught up in any kind of political controversy. This announcement, however, was met with serious backlash which caused the theater chain to rethink its decision. Now Regal Cinema and Alamo Draft House are requiring customers to wear masks as well.

While speaking to Variety, a Regal Cieman spokesperson said that their company policy would be to be for employees and customers to wear masks in order to ensure the safest environment for moviegoers:

“Our current mask policy requires both employees and guests to wear masks at all Regal theaters,. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for our guests and employees. This is a change to our previous policy on masks based on feedback received from our customers.”

Earlier today Alamo Drafthouse made an announcement on its official Twitter account that it would be requiring customers and staff to wear masks unless they were eating and drinking and would provide masks to those who did not have any:

What do you all make of this decision? Are Regal Cinema and Almo Drafthouse making the right decision to make customers and employees wear masks? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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