‘Rick And Morty’ Season 4 Trailer Features Nod To The Joker’s Origin

Rick and Morty Joker

The recently released trailer for Rick and Morty season 4 features a nod to the Joker.

Today, Adult Swim released the official trailer for the second half of Rick and Morty season 4 and confirmed the acclaimed animated series will return on May 3. In addition to paying homage to other franchises such as Transformers and Star Wars, the trailer featured a nod to the origin story of the classic Batman villain, the Joker.

At one point during the trailer, the titular duo is seen in their parked spaceship in an area that resembles Gotham City’s Ace Chemicals factory as Rick tells Morty, “if anything goes wrong, which it won’t, jump into the same vat of acid I jump into.” While that may seem to be a stretch at first, Rick and Morty are later seen jumping off of a catwalk and plummeting towards a vat of green chemicals.

As fan likely know, a common origin story for the Joker involves the character falling into the vat of chemicals at Ace Chemicals. It is this fateful event that physically transforms the character into the pale-skinned, green-haired, and insane villain best known as the arch-enemy of Batman.

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Here is the official synopsis for the Adult Swim series:

Rick & Morty is an animated series that follows the exploits of an old genius and his dimwitted grandson. Based on “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Maharti” the show was created by Dan Harmon (writer, Community) and Justin Roiland.

The series features the voice talents of Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez & Morty Smith, Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, and Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith.

Rick and Morty season 4 returns to Adult Swim on May 3, 2020.

Source: Adult Swim

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