Ryan Gosling Provides An Update On His ‘Wolfman’ Film

The star provides an update.

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Ryan Gosling has finally given an update on his upcoming Wolfman film and what they plan to do with it.

Way back in May of 2020, it was first revealed that a new Wolfman film was in development with Ryan Gosling. Eventually frequent Gosling collaborator Derek Cianfrance was brought on to helm the film after original director Leigh Whannell dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Since then, very little in the way of news has come of the film.

The film is one of several monster movies that Universal has in development. In 2017, the studios took its own shot at a cinematic universe with its Dark Universe, based on its classic Monsters. That effort crashed and burned after the first planned installment, The Mummy, underperformed at the box office. Eventually, the studio opted to rethink the way it approached it. The first attempt was 2020’s The Invisible Man which earned $122M worldwide on a $7M budget. Currently, a Dracula film, titled Renfield, has also entered production. It begs the question as to what is going on with Ryan Gosling’s Wolfman film.

Ryan Gosling Speaks Out

While speaking to Collider, Ryan Gosling finally provided an update on his Wolfman films and how excited both he and the director were to tackle the film:

I just would do anything with Derek, but the idea of doing something like that just seems really exciting. It’s new for both of us, but in some way, I feel like it’s kind of the movie we’ve made already a few times, but in literal form. We’ve always kind of made the metaphorical version of it, and it’s sort of like the opportunity to really, to just make the literal version of what we’ve been hacking away at.

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Source: Collider

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