‘Creature Commandos’: Sean Gunn Teases Weasel’s Future In The DC Universe

Weasel gets deep!

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Weasel may be deeper than fans first thought! Sean Gunn teased the development of his weirdest character in Creature Commandos.

Weasel was one of the weirdest characters to come out of the old DC Universe. Debuting in The Suicide Squad, the character seemed relegated to a few quick jabs, a silly death, and a surprising return in the film’s stinger. All of it came together in a truly uncanny mocap performance by Sean Gunn, who somehow managed to perfectly capture the essence of a giant rodent.

However, it seems Weasel has become more than just a one-off joke. Sean Gunn is set to reprise his role as the character in the upcoming Creature Commandos animated series. When asked if he could speak on the character’s future in the DC Universe during a recent appearance at Megacon Orlando, the actor teased that there may be more to the character than meets the eye.

“We’re gonna find out a lot more about Weasel in Creature Commandos, which is coming up in the fall.” Sean Gunn revealed during his panel. “I’m very, very excited for an audience to see that because it is awesome. I’m serious, it was really cool, it’s an animated show and it’s like, it’s rad.”

This news may come as a shock to fans who aren’t familiar with the comics of the DC Universe. When taken at face value in The Suicide Squad, Sean Gunn’s performance was more reminiscent of a wild animal than a complex character. However, there is a surprising amount of depth to be found in the character that Creature Commandos can tap into.

In the comics, Weasel is the identity of John Monroe, a former physicist and co-worker of Martin Stein, who makes up one-half of the hero Firestorm. In order to get revenge on those who mocked him, he donned a furry costume and became the supervillain known as Weasel. It wasn’t until the DC Universe rebooted in 2011 that Monroe became the near-mindless animal fans came to love in The Suicide Squad.

It’s unclear if Sean Gunn’s role as Weasel in Creature Commandos will take any notes from his comic origin, or if James Gunn will make up something entirely new for the character in his new DC Universe. Regardless, it’ll certainly be interesting for fans to see the most expendable member of The Suicide Squad get a bit more depth in the near future.

Sean Gunn Reveals Why He Was Cast As Weasel In The DC Universe

Sean Gunn’s casting as Weasel in The Suicide Squad was perhaps the most surprising and predictable casting decision in the old DC Universe. The actor is known for his willingness to perform in mocap suits and appearing in many of his brother James Gunn’s projects, but the character seemed almost too ridiculous for any actor to play.

This was a topic of conversation during Sean Gunn’s panel at Megacon Orlando this year. When speaking of his return as Weasel for Creature Commandos, a fan asked if James Gunn cast him as the character just to mess with him. In response, Sean Gunn broke down the process of how his brother casts him in films like The Suicide Squad.

“Well look I mean, it’s funny, I got a question on a panel one time where somebody said ‘Did your brother make you play Weasel just to mess with you?’” Sean Gunn explained “And I was like, I got all short with him because my pride was hurt for a second. I’m like ‘Hey man, first of all, my brother doesn’t make me do anything.'”

“I’m a professional and I actually get paid for the work that I do and they make an offer and I have to accept it so I know what I’m getting into.” He continued. “Not being forced into anything. Also, my brother and I have worked together forever and we’re really- we’re creatively intuned and we talk through whether I’m right for project he’s working on and if it’s not right I won’t be in it, which has happened sometimes for his projects, and we all kind of work it out and that’s how it is.”

“And then I thought about it for a few minutes and then I was like ‘Nah I think maybe he was actually just trying to mess with me asking me to play weasel.’”

It’s certainly amusing to hear that even Sean Gunn believes James Gunn cast him as Weasel in The Suicide Squad as part of an elaborate joke. Despite this, it seems the character still holds a special place in his heart. While he can’t explain what makes Weasel the character he is, he admitted that he has a special talent for doing embarrassing stuff for projects.

“I don’t know what to say about Weasel.” He remarked. “Weasel’s…that’s just, I, part of my language, one of my talents as an actor, hopefully not my only talent, but one of them is that I have no shame about doing weird shit. It’s like, it’s the job.”

“It’s like…you get what you signed up for, you know? And nobody- I always say it’s like ‘there’s no crying in baseball’, there’s no complaining in being an actor. When I hear people moan about ‘Oh everything’s green screen nowadays and everythings- you’re not doing anything, real kind of acting anymore’ or ‘Everybody’s got to put themselves on tape nowadays, you can’t audition in person’ and there are all these things about ‘I gotta be on set for all this time’ and it’s like, you know what man, tough shit. That’s the job. It’s what you signed up for and it’s what you’re good for.”

Fans of Sean Gunn’s work likely didn’t need his comments to know the actor has no shame when it comes to his work. From Guardians of the Galaxy to The Suicide Squad, he’s become one of the biggest named actors in the realm of realistic rodent mocap. His streak is set to continue this fall with Creature Commandos, which surely involved hours of him making Weasel noises into a microphone.

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