The 10 Spider-Heroes We Want To See In ‘Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2’

From 2099 to 1602, there's some incredible versions of the Wallcrawler that deserve their chance to shine on the big screen.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Sequel

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a surprise hit from Sony Pictures Animation, immediately enchanting audiences with its beautifully unique animation style and a touching message about family as well as what the Spider-Identity can mean to anyone. It was no surprise that a sequel was quickly greenlit following the Oscar-winning film’s incredible success, meaning there’s plenty more adventures to be had throughout the multiverse. We know Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen will return to the sequel, but the arrival of new universes inevitably means new heroes. So, let’s take a look at a few versions of the Wallcrawler that need to appear in the 2022 sequel.

 10. SPIDER-MAN 2099

Let’s start with the biggest new hero, Miguel O’Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099. Oscar Isaac voiced Miguel in the brief post-credits scene that showed off his futuristic blue suit. It seems like a no-brainer to use him as a main character in Spider-Verse 2. Since Gwen appeared above Miles at the end of the first film, they’ve obviously discovered a way of travelling between universes without destroying New York. Maybe Miguel’s time-travelling technology is the way of doing so. Spider-Man 2099 was created thanks to the nefarious Alchemax company. Miguel was tricked into dosing himself with a gene-bonding drug, but when he attempted to use a machine to rid his body of the substance, a jealous colleague sabotaged it to rewrite half of his body with Spider-DNA. Luckily it didn’t kill him and he wound up defending 2099’s New York. Come on, who doesn’t want to see more of that incredible suit in the Spider-Verse sequel?


We know what you’re thinking, who’s Takuya Yamashiro? In the 1970s, Marvel licensed Spider-Man to the Toei Company and featured a hugely different take on the character. Goodbye radioactive Spider-Bite, hello giant robots. Takuya Yamashiro got his powers thanks to a blood transfusion from an alien called Garia from the Planet Spider… Yikes. The alien also gave Yamashiro his costume and a spaceship called the Marveller which transforms into Leopardon – a huge fighting robot. Power Rangers have nothing on Japanese Spider-Man! Lead animator Nick Kondo already pointed out an easter egg to the alternate Spider-Man on Miles’ table – with a sketch of Leopardon. Producer Phil Lord also teased that if the first film made $200 million in North America he would include the hero in the sequel. Sure it was only ten million off the target, but it did win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. He also told a fan on Twitter that the character is designed and ready to go. Although it begs the question… How big is the sequel’s villain going to be if they need a giant robot?


To keep a similar dynamic from the first film, Spider-Verse 2 needs to include a truly comedic version of the Webhead. We can only think of one option, Peter Parquagh from Marvel’s 1602 series. The medieval Spider-Man was raised by his Scottish Uncle Benjamin before helping Sir Nicholas Fury as his assistant. A running joke in the miniseries sees Peter nearly get bitten by a number of spiders, but he finally gets bitten at the end and becomes “The Spider”. Think Thor’s over-the-top dialogue from his first few appearances  in the Marvel Cinematic Universe mixed with a Shakespeare style Spider-Man costume, there’s so many one-liner opportunities. “Doth mother know you were bitten by a spider?”


The first Spider-Verse film took shots at Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in a number of hilarious ways. And while the Spider-Man 3 gag is our favorite, one way of upping the joke is featuring the three Spider-Men fans have known and loved throughout the years. Tom Holland revealed he was supposed to cameo in the first film, saying “there was going to be a scene in a train station or something”. That doesn’t exactly tell us much, Tom. However, Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed during the watch party they tried to get all three actors in for a post-credits scene with Spider-Ham, but Sony’s executives thought it was too soon. Well, 2022 is still a long way off, hopefully they’ll change their minds by then. Although we’re still hoping for the trio to reunite in live-action one day, we’ll happily settle for an animated appearance.


Since music was a huge part of telling Miles’ story in the first film, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the filmmakers do the same in the sequel. Enter, Spider-Punk! On Earth-138, Hobie Brown is a homeless teenager bitten by a Spider affected by President Osborn dumping radioactive waste. A villainous president? Surely not… His costume comes with a sleeveless denim jacket, metal spikes on his head and of course, an electric guitar. Spider-Punk often fights with his guitar, even killing President Osborn with it in the Spider-Verse comics. Bringing Hobie on board would also help diversify the cast a little more. Phil Lord told CinemaBlend “I would be really psyched to see Spider-Punk” in a future film, so we’re hoping he pops up in the sequel.


When Sony chief Amy Pascal revealed that an all-female Spider-Verse spin-off is in the works, she confirmed that Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman will be in the lineup alongside Spider-Gwen. Drew has had an interesting journey in the comics but she’d definitely shakeup the team since she’s a trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a private investigator. Although she’s not a webslinger and isn’t an alternate version of Peter Parker, her mother was hit by a beam of spider DNA which gave her a number of abilities. Alongside the usual super strength and enhanced speed, her hands and feet secrete a solution that lets her stick to walls as well as superhuman hearing and smell. She’s even got similar Venom Blasts to Miles. Spider-Woman previously joined the Avengers and has fought alongside the rest of the Spider-Family during the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon storylines. Putting her in the Spider-Verse sequel would be a great way of introducing her to audiences and setting up the spin-off. Her S.H.I.E.L.D. experience would definitely come in handy when leading a Spider-Squad!


Peter Parker who? Enter Billy Braddock! Comic readers will no doubt recognize the name, as he’s usually Captain Britain in the normal timeline. But on Earth-333, Braddock was a member of the Captain Britain Corps, before that universe collapsed that is. There’s plenty of comedic potential to introduce a cockney Spider-Man, but Braddock is a natural leader and is one of the most powerful Spider-Heroes. He even forms the Web Warriors to protect any universe that doesn’t have a Spider-Man. For a franchise that travels through a multiverse, maybe it’s time for a S.H.I.E.L.D. type agency of Spider-Men, it would be a great method of spinning off into other films. Anyway, his costume is a truly inspired combination of the Union Jack flag and the Spider-Man costume, it deserves to be seen in the Spider-Verse sequel!


Into the Spider-Verse wasted no time pointing fun at a number of things from across the Spider-Man mythology, but one thing it didn’t really touch on was The Clone Saga. Yes, it’s one of the most infamous storylines since it just spiralled out of control, but that makes it ripe for a Parker clone to show up in the Spider-Verse sequel. Our personal pick? Get Ben Reilly on board. Not only does the Scarlet Spider’s blue hoodie deserve an animated adaptation, his bizarre backstory makes for perfect comedic ammo. And yes, he IS a clone and not a confused version of the real Peter Parker – but the comedic duo could definitely have a lot of fun with him. Picture the comic-book montage for his origin, it would be brilliant. Although just to be clear, that’s the only time The Clone Saga ever needs to make it to the screen.


We already know Silk will be a part of Sony’s female spin-off movie, but like Jessica Drew she deserves an introduction in the Spider-Verse sequel before that adventure. Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that gave Peter his powers, but she develops her own organic webbing instead of using web-shooters. Although when her powers emerge she struggles to control them, which leads a businessman called Ezekiel to lock her away so an inter-dimensional vampire called Morlun can’t eat her. Standard high-school problems. Morlun and his family drain the energy of people with Spider-powers, which would be a perfect way of reuniting all the Spider-Heroes as they fend off the new villains. Whenever Peter and Cindy are near each other, they get extremely attracted to one another… That would definitely be a problem mid-fight. Did we mention her Silk-sense is stronger than Pete’s Spider-Sense? She’ll be a perfect addition to the team!


Hopefully the sequel will offer new threats which will drastically change the way audiences see Spider-Man and the countless characters he’s associated with. One wildcard Sony could use is the Superior Spider-Man, who is Otto Octavius body-swapped with Peter Parker. That’s a pretty deadly combination. In the comics, Doc Ock is on the verge of death when he does it – with Peter dying in the villain’s body. Obviously, he comes back to life later on – but for a long period of time Otto Octavius was Spider-Man. He had a striking new suit and wasn’t afraid to dish out his own brutal form of justice on villains. Interestingly, Kathryn Hahn’s Olivia Octavius will seemingly return for the sequel. Co-director Rodney Rothman said “we definitely think of Liv as someone who is not gone from the story, and who in many ways, is our most powerful bad guy”. It’d be fascinating to see Otto cope with another version of himself, could the team face off against two Doc Ocks in the sequel? We hope so.

Obviously there’s an endless stream of Spider-Heroes, so we couldn’t include every single Web-Slinger. But tell us in the comments which other version of Spider-Man you’d like to see on the big screen! While we wait for the Spider-Verse‘s return, keep an eye on Heroic Hollywood for all the latest entertainment news,  subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video content in the future!

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