‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off ‘El Muerto’ Loses Its Release Date

The death of El Muerto?

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El Muerto is an upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film produced by Sony Pictures and starring the Puerto Rican rap sensation Bad Bunny. However, the project has lost its release date.

Fans were perplexed when it was announced that Sony Pictures would create a movie based on the Spider-Man villain El Muerto, a magical luchador who appeared in less than a dozen issues over the entire history of Marvel publications. Funnily enough, casting Bad Bunny as the film’s star, a rapper whose only acting credit lacked any actual dialogue, makes the most sense given his love of wrestling. However, this controversial film has now lost its January 12, 2024 release date.

This doesn’t mean El Muerto is cancelled. It’s very possible Sony is simply delaying the project due to issues like the WGA writer’s strike. However given projects like Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse and Venom 3 continue to hold their slots for next year, its possible Sony is reconsidering their plans for the Bad Bunny film.

What you need to know about El Muerto

The comic book character of El Muerto is known for his high-flying wrestling moves and his superhuman strength, which he uses to fight evil in the ring and beyond. With Bad Bunny’s star power and the creative talents of Jonás Cuaron and Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, El Muerto is shaping up to be one of Sony’s biggest Marvel movies yet.

Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, El Muerto has a unique look with a distinctive mask and skeletal designs on his costume, which adds to his overall appeal. He also has a compelling backstory, having gained his superhuman powers after a brush with death.

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