‘Suicide Squad’ Director David Ayer Regrets F Marvel Comment

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In a recent post, Suicide Squad director David Ayer stated that he regretted his F*** Marvel comment that he once made.

The post in question was in a series of Tweets where he talked about how his vision of Suicide Squad was far different from the one that ended up on the big screen. This had included a massive with Harley Quinn’s character and the relationship between the members of squad. He further claimed that directors are more of a figurehead in films and rarely have control over the final product.

One fan took exception to some of these comments and asked the Suicide Squad director about his F*** Marvel comment and how he was a figurehead then:

So when you went on stage and yelled “Fuck Marvel” that was just the studio talking with you as the figurehead?

He responded by insinuating that it was more of a heat of the moment thing and he regrets doing it:

Of course not. Someone in the audience yelled it and I repeated it. It got a huge laugh at the time. I apologized shortly thereafter. I’d take it back if I could because it’s not how I roll. Again sorry. I hope that helps.

You can see the full Twitter exchange below:

Such things, sadly, tend to happen. In our current world such comments, regardless of how harmless, can easily spread throughout the internet and upset millions of people. From the look of things, however, Ayer has come to regret both his comments and how Suicide Squad turned out. Hopefully his future films will have better fates.

What do you make of David Ayer’s comments? Should he have said these things or should he have left the studio intrigue remain a mystery? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

David Ayer’s next film, The Tax Collector is set for a 2019 release. A sequel to Suicide Squad is currently in development under the direction of Gavin O’Connor who is also co-writing the film.

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