‘Suicide Squad Isekai’ Director Wants To Make A ‘Flash’ Anime

Is The Flash getting the anime treatment?

The Flash Ezra Miler Suicide Squad Isekai

It was recently announced that WIT Studio would be making the Suicide Squad Isekai anime for Warner Bros. Japan. During a recent interview, the series’ director Eri Osada revealed his hopes to make a Flash anime for DC.

Suicide Squad Isekai was perhaps the last thing any DC Comics fan expected to come out of this year’s Anime Expo, especially one made by WIT Studio, the company behind anime like Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga. However, it seems as though the Suicide Squad wasn’t the first DC character on director Eri Osada’s mind, revealing he’d love to make a Flash anime:

“So I love The Flash from the DC series,” Osada told Anime News Network. “When I took this job on, I thought maybe it’s a good way to get a connection with the DC, so, later, I might get to direct the Flash anime.” 

Despite The Flash failing at the box office, the character is still one of DC’s biggest money makers between the widely beloved CW show and the character’s upcoming audio drama. An anime made by WIT Studio, especially one tying into Suicide Squad Isekai, could be exactly what the company needs to turn the fan’s perception of the character around.

The Suicide Squad Gets Isekai’d!

Suicide Squad Isekai is a brand new series by WIT Studio, the creators of Batman NinjaAttack on Titan, and Spy x Family, that is set to follow the titular team of villains thrust into a brand new world. An Isekai is a sub-genre of anime where a character or group of characters is suddenly transported to a new and unfamiliar world. No details have currently been released about the project’s plot or release date.

While it has previously been stated that James Gunn wants to unify DC animation and live action, WIT Studio president George Wada confirms that he has had no discussions about Suicide Squad Isekai fitting into the new DC Universe.

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