‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’ Falls Short Of Warner Bros. Expectations

A disappointing turnout!

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Recent comments from Warner Bros. Discovery suggest that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is yet another flop for DC.

In a world of constant flops and disappointments, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may have been the biggest failure in recent gaming memory. The game promised to be the true continuation of the Arkham-Verse after Gotham Knights left many fans feeling hollow. Yet, despite how much negative press the game was getting prior to release, it seemed to fall below even Warner Bros. expectations.

“We are lapping the release of Hogwarts Legacy in February last year, which saw the largest portion of its very positive financial impact in the first quarter,” Warner Bros. Discovery’s Chief Financial Officer Gunnar Wiedenfels explained during a recent investors call. “This year, Suicide Squad, one of our key video game releases in 2024, has fallen short of our expectations since its release earlier in the quarter, setting our games business up for a tough year-over-year comp in Q1.”

While many cite the game’s lackluster story as being its true death knell, the problems with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League extend down to the mechanical level. The game emulates a live-service model when the Arkham-Verse has repeatedly been praised for being some of the best single-player games on the market.

Postponed for Quality?

The delay of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is not the first time the game has been postponed. In fact, delays have become common in the gaming industry as developers strive to create the best possible experience for players. The extra time will allow Rocksteady to fine-tune the game and ensure that it meets the high standards set by the Batman: Arkham series.

“The creators of the Batman: Arkham series are back with a brand new action-adventure shooter,” reads a synopsis for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. “The most dangerous villains in the DC Universe have been forced to team up and take on a new mission: Kill the Justice League. Create Chaos in Metropolis. You are the Suicide Squad.”

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