‘Superman And Lois’ Set Photos Shared By Elizabeth Tulloch As Series Finale Wraps Production

The end of Superman and Lois!

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Superman and Lois has finally come to an end. Set photos give fans a glimpse at the finale as the series finishes filming.

Fans are distraught that Superman and Lois is coming to an end, yet it seems nobody is more bummed than Lois actress Elizabeth Tulloch. She’s recently taken to social media to share her thoughts as production wraps on the final season, including a touching post on her Instagram. Tulloch has now released a piece from the finale’s call sheet, showing a touching message from the show’s crew.

While it may seem a bit presumptuous to call your own series one of the best shows in Superman canon, it’s a sentiment echoed by fans. Superman and Lois has long been called the pinnacle of superhero media on the small screen, much of that being thanks to the chemistry shared by its leads Elizabeth Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin.

Superman Set Photos Tease Old Friends & New Foes

Luckily for fans, it seems the finale of Superman and Lois will give the series the justice it deserves. Set photos shared by CanadaGraphs (and reposted by Elizabeth Tulloch) tease the return of John Henry Irons as Steel and a new foe facing off against Superman, though one with a similar costume to many previous Superman and Lois villains.

Interestingly, the set photos also feature Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent looking up into the sky with Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane. Could this mean the hero is taking a step back from crime-fighting to let his son Jordan take up the mantle? Either way, it seems fans are in store for a truly high-flying finale to Superman and Lois.

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