‘Superman And Lois’ Star Elizabeth Tulloch Reveals Title For Series Finale

Superman & Lois comes to an end.

Superman and Lois The CW

All good things must come to an end. Lois Lane actress Elizabeth Tulloch has unveiled the title for the Superman & Lois series finale.

Fans were heartbroken when it was announced that Superman & Lois would be ending its run with season 4. The show was regarded as the pinnacle of DC content that the CW could offer, and many view the series as ending far too soon. This sentiment is echoed in the title of the final episode of the show, revealed by Elizabeth Tulloch as “It Went By So Fast.”

Superman & Lois will end up having one of the shortest runs of any of the DC CW shows, only beating out the likes of Batwoman at three seasons and Gotham Knights at one season. While it’s a shame that such an amazing show will be gone so soon, it’s important to follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Tulloch and simply be grateful that the show was able to see the light of day.

“Tried to take a normal ‘First day of filming the #SupermanAndLois series finale!’ selfie, but quickly ended up in tears. 😔 What a beautiful ride this has been. So grateful. Especially to our crew – this final season has been tough physically and emotionally on everyone and I see you and how hard you are working and I am so appreciative of you all. 🙏❤️”

“P.S. I tagged @tylerhoechlin and only @tylerhoechlin in the crying photo bc he’s the one who said something sentimental that got me going. @trishymakeup’s going to have an extra hard day today re-doing my eye makeup and it’s all your fault 😂”

The Future Of Superman In Media

While Superman & Lois may be gone, that doesn’t mean the Man of Steel will be leaving our small screens anytime soon. My Adventures With Superman was another wildly successful show based on the hero that is renewed for season 2, with production already well underway.

James Gunn is also helming a Superman reboot for the new DC Universe. This isn’t the only Superman film in production, however. Ta-Nehisi Coates is still developing his black Superman movie with J.J. Abrams. Michael B. Jordan is also developing his own Val-Zod limited series for Max focusing on an Elseworlds version of Superman.

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