Kevin Smith Thinks DC Films Not Making Superman Movies Are A Mistake

Bizzaro Henry Cavill Superman

Filmmaker Kevin Smith recently revealed that he feels not making anymore Superman movies is a mistake and even lays out how he feels DC should approach the character.

Since Man of Steel hit the big screen in June of 2013, director Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Superman has been very polarizing. Over the years, fans seem to have warmed up to Cavill as the Kryptonian hero enough to be thrown by the recent rumor that he may be stepping down from playing the man of steel in future DC films. It doesn’t help that, although fans have been clamoring for Man of Steel 2 for years, DC revealed that currently no Superman film is in development.

Clerks director Kevin Smith almost brought Superman to the big screen way back even before Superman Returns. As chronicled in the documentary The Death of Superman Lives, Smith wrote the script for Superman Lives, the infamous film that had Tim Burton attached to direct and Nic Cage to star in the titular role before the film was canceled. On a recent episode of his Youtube show Fatman Beyond, Smith opened up about why he feels that not making another Superman film is a mistake.

“That’s a mistake I think you need to keep your big guy vital. This is the very first superhero ever created, the ‘king of the superheroes’ if you will, the one that paved the way for everybody else. While we’re in this amazing era, this renaissance of comic book movies, don’t leave your best guy on the bench.”

Though Smith never brought the man of steel to the big screen, he has directed several episodes of The CW’s The Flash and Supergirl. The filmmaker, a passionate DC fan, presented the approach that he feels should be taken to bring the iconic DC hero to the big screen.

“Just fucking hand it to somebody who’s going to make it what everybody knows what character to be. The character’s a symbol of hope, man. Like, go back and watch 10 minutes of the Christopher Reeves Superman and use that as the DNA for what they do going forward. It’s not about some Christ parable, or he’s the fucking alien from another world, he’s just a good fucking dude. It’s that simple. you can make a movie about a good fucking dude.”

Smith went on to gush about the Donner/Reeves version of the iconic DC hero and why he feels that the character can have  mass appeal.

“The Christopher Reeves and Dick Donner version of Superman is just so beautiful and so simple, and that character is beautiful and simple, not simple like he’s stupid, simple in that it can appeal to anybody, you know what I’m saying?”

The full episode of Smith’s show can be viewed below. The Superman discussion begins almost exactly at the 1-hour 3-minute mark. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all news regarding Superman as more information becomes available. Who would you like to see replace Cavill as Superman if the actor does actually step down from the role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!