Taika Waititi, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director, Weighs In On Thor’s Stance in ‘Civil War’


Thor was noticeably absent from the gang in Captain America: Civil War, but he’s not far behind. He’ll soon be seen in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok, where he’ll be joined by fellow Avenger/Civil War absentee Bruce Banner/The Hulk. And while it’s unclear which side Norse God would lean towards on the issue, Taika Waititi, the director behind the upcoming superhero sequel, took some time away from his busy Marvel schedule to weigh his thoughts.

Promoting his latest film, next month’s well-received Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Waititi spoke with Fandango (via ComicBook.com) and offered his opinion on where his titular protagonist would theoretically stand on the matter:

We’ve talked a little bit about this. Personally, I feel Thor would have started his own team. He wouldn’t have liked the idea of those teams. But, even though Thor is from outer space and he lives in a palace, part of me likes to think he would side with Cap.

So that settles it: Thor would be Team Cap. Or he would make his own team. Or he would settle the issues on his own. I guess the answer is, who knows?

Waititi, however, was a little more forward on where he stood on the superhero quibble, noting that he “would side with Cap purely because I don’t trust billionaires.” Fair enough, especially with our current political climate. Also, it’ll be interesting to see what Thor thinks about how things are back on Earth when he does decide to pay his other team members a visit. Chances are, they’ll be a lot of explain to do.

In the meantime, however, Thor has quite a few problems of his own to face when Thor: Ragnarok comes into theaters November 3, 2017. Production is set to begin July 4th.

Source: Fandango


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  • Steve Steve

    If Thor were in the film he would have flown directly to Siberia and smoked Zemo. IT was always important that he not be there.

    • Thanostic

      This, more than anything, is why Hulk & Thor had to sit this one out. If one of them was in the war, it would have been a very short war.


    It doesn’t really matter what these guys say. At the end of the day, they would have had these characters do something silly and counterintuitive anyway.

    • Thanostic

      You mean like “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME????”

      • SAMURAI36

        No, actually I was thinking more along the lines of the General gets rewarded with the new position of Senator, despite causing an international incident in an earlier film, but now he’s telling other people what to do…

        Or how Ant-Man involved himself in a war he had nothing to do with, simply because he’s a fanboy, and ended up getting incarcerated and later branded as a fugitive, despite working so hard to redeem himself for the sake of his daughter…..

        Or how Black Panther made such the big deal about all the lives lost on his home continent, yet he’s harboring the 2 fugitives that were indirectly responsible for all that mess in the first place, that he barely even knows….

        Or how Tony goes to a CHILD’s home, lies to his legal guardian about taking him to “school”, but instead arms him to become a child soldier, and bribes him into joining his personal war that he has nothing to do with, which almost gets him killed….

        Those are the examples I’m talking about.

      • AJayL

        Why engage with person superhero chug as he?

  • Vegas82

    Thor showed in multiple movies he didn’t give a F what the authorities wanted him to do. He just goes out and wrecks shop when he deems it appropriate. He basically sees himself as the ultimate authority and when he finds out Loki is messing with him(by posing as Odin) I expect some true rage towards his adoptive brother for the first time in these films.

    • SAMURAI36

      Yeah, nothing whatsoever wrong with that….

  • AJayL

    The expert in all things Marvel is back. Hooray.